Dr Halsey Easter Egg: The Package


Watch this video for a pretty awesome Halo Reach Easter Egg that shows Dr Halsey's lab in action.


In a blatant steal from the forums at HBO, here’s what user korman00 has discovered – basically it’s Dr Catherine Halsey’s secret lab:

This cave is not in natural formation...and neither is a certain control found hidden away in a remote part of The Package.

Film Clip

What is this control I speak of you ask? Bungie's last hoo-rah towards some of the major highlights in Halo's community over the past decade. It's a shrine I guess you could say, and it's kind of hidden in plain view.

To get to this magical control and shrine yourself you'll need to follow a couple of steps.

1) Have two players. Yourself and someone else, or just a second controller.
2) Play "The Package" on legendary. You *can* start the game at Rally Point Bravo, don't worry.
3) Defeat all of the AI which gets thrown at you until the very end. At which point the control should magically appear. Note: It may appear earlier, but I only found it after I had killed all of the AI so that's all I know. It's easier to explore when no one is shooting at you :P
4) Grab a jetpack. It may be possible to pull it off without one...but I wouldn't try it.
5) Watch the video and see for yourself where the magical control spawns at. Follow my steps and you should be able to activate the control too. You'll see why you need a second person too :P.

Now, once you make your way into the shrine you'll find seven terminals. Just like the datapads you can find all through out the game, you activate them and up pops a little display plus a couple of pages of information. Since the game doesn't capture the terminal view, you'll have to view them via the image captures I took.

Image captures folder


Nice work Bro, nice work.

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