I can see your Holo...gram

Not the Beyonce song...

So what's all this marlarky about Halo reach having Holograms? Bungie tries to explain in the weekly update:

"let’s talk hologram. It’s simple to use – point your reticule where you’d like your holo-self to run and then press the left bumper to activate it. A spitting image of yourself, sporting the exact same armor, colors and weapon, will emerge and run directly to that point and persist for about 10 seconds or until killed. Your hologram can also do fun things like take a man cannon which can result in some crazy shenanigans. Holograms can be used in multiplayer, which has become one of my recent favorite things to do, in addition to tricking the AI in campaign or Firefight.

The other day we played a game where pretty much everyone used holograms and it feels awesome to trick someone else but damn does it feel stupid when you fall for one yourself. I hear one of Sage’s tricks is to point straight down so his hologram stands perfectly still but then HE runs in a perfectly straight line to dupe his opponent. "

So more power tricks added to the game play.... multiplayer just got that more harder -with all the new variables being added to the Reach game, its gonna be very interesting to see how people react and indeed some people are going to specialise in certain tools and weapons and shit - so it'll be cool to see how these things all get used and what combos etc become popular - what will the 'noob combo' be?

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