Halo 3 Severs Reach out...

From B.net

Server upgrade inbound - The old hardware is going away in a flaming blaze of glory

Hi all,

We hope you enjoyed yesterday’s in-game heat wave, but it’s come to a close now that you guys have totally dephlogisticated the server farm. So thoroughly, in fact, that we’re going to retire our dear old Halo 3 servers today and move the game onto the brand spankin’ new Reach-generation servers (well, the ones you got to pound on during the Beta.) During this migration, we’re going to take the file share offline, and new stats won’t show up until we’re done (but will show up eventually.) There aren’t any new features tied to this work (nor will any old ones go away), but just like the way that Halo 2 lived out its retirement years in a quiet corner of the Halo 3 servers, we’re going to give Halo 3 and ODST’s backend features a chance to settle into their new digs on our fresh hardware that’s so powerful it won’t bat an eye at the extra load. The alternative would have us be like a slug leaving a slime trail of old servers in our wake as we push forward into the territory of new games, and while it’s true that most things do go better with slime, we’ve found from experience that servers are that rare exception.

This work will start in the next hour or so, and will continue throughout the afternoon.

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