Comic Con 2010 Cos Play Costumes

super girl cosplay
This costume is super, yes?
Comic Con 2010 Cos Play

How do you like you cos play? I like mine super hot:
Starting  Comic Con 2010 with the almost mandatory presence of a Princess Leia bikini outfit. It's the gold standard of cosplay. It's like law in some parts of the convention circut... well if it's not, it should be! H

princess leia cosplay

Robert Downey Jr has a lot to answer with Ironman eh? Er no, let's shower the man with praise for without Ironman there would be no babes running round being cosplay queens like this stunner!

I got nothing but love for this awesome outfit too!

Check out these Cosplay outfits from the Emerald City Convention - They are slightly more on topic!

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