So what's popular on Halo Reach Game News right now?

So what's popular on Halo Reach Game News right now? Why, these pages below are. The links below are chock full of cool facts about the spartans of team Noble, pictures of Cortana and various bits of artwork. Get to it soldier!

 Meet Reach's Noble Team Members

 Halo Reach Goodness Round Up: Warthog of the Skies

 Why Halo: Reach will be better than Sex

 Cortana: Everyone's favourite A.I.

 Meet Spartan Emile

 I'm Noble 6. No, I'm Noble 6. NO! I'm Noble 6.

 Game Informer Cover Artwork Revealed

 But can you play as Oonsk?

 Meet Spartan JORGE

 Meet Spartan Kat

 The Space Ships of Halo: Reach

 Meet Spartan Carter

 10 Halo Reach Questions (and Answers) for people who hate the Bungie Forums

 Halo Reach Campaign Screen Shots Leaked by Tom Morello

 Reach Multiplayer Video Released

 Will the Master Chief be in Halo: Reach? Who else?

 Is the Master Chief Noble 6?

 Meet Spartan XXX

 Meet Spartan JUN

Trainspotters might note that most of these pages are not latest news posts - people find that kind of stuff from coming direct to the home page - google sorts out the rest of internet queries and sends people to the above pages!

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