On The Home Front - Bungie Weekly Update

On The Home Front - Bungie Weekly Update

Note a lot of Halo Reach News in the update this week (as most of the E3 release was news) it was basically a run around the park - I did enjoy Urk's shout out to his Bungie Brothers:

While the majority of this update is dedicated to wrapping up all the E3 aftermath, it would be a damn shame if we didn’t give some props to the studio-at-large. Most of the Reach team stayed behind this week with bigger fish to fry, continuing to blitz through the remaining bugs as Reach proper comes into the ZBR home stretch. It’s almost there.

The monumental amount of work involved with prepping our E3 content for show (and still being injected into what will become the retail build) is absolutely mind blowing. Though our E3 away team got to bask in a little bit of glory this week, witnessing firsthand the stunned looks on everyone’s faces as space was finally revealed and we unwrapped Firefight live for the very first time, we want to make sure that none of our stay at home heroes went unsung.

For Marcus and the team, Reach has been a massive investment of talent, resources, and time. When we say this is the most ambitious game Bungie has ever built, we’re not just blowing smoke. The proof is in the pudding. Reach is huge and it is awesome. Space combat in Campaign and Firefight 2.0 are two examples that we felt strongly demonstrate what this team is capable of. We were damn proud to show them both off on the rest of the team’s behalf.

We hoped you like what you saw. Stay Tuned.


I'm tuned. You, Dear Halo Fan?

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