How's that for a custom game?

"The testers have started doing this thing where they give themselves invulnerability, unlimited weapons, bottomless clip, unlimited armor abilities, so they can give themselves jet pack and stay in the air infinitely and rain down unlimited rockets. Then they ramp up the AI to an insane degree, but since they're invulnerable, they don't die, but the AI are doing incredible things trying to kill them."

How's that for a custom game in Firefight 2.0?

An article with Bungie's Brian Jarrad explains:

The goal in this mode is simply to get the most points before the timer runs out (since you can't actually die). Bakken is quick to note that players will actually earn credits for ridiculous custom modes like this, but, he says, "Not nearly as much...We don't want it to be that players sit there, make the easiest mode, and earn a bunch of credits. They'll be able to do that, but they'll earn maybe a tenth of what they would in matchmaking."

Jarrad also featured on Halo Reach Game News this week - a brief note on why Bungie did not go for Halo 4.

Extra for Expertz:

A lengthy discussion with Jarrad again - this time on lessons learnt from the Reach Beta.

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