Would you tea bag an Armour Locked Spartan?

Would you tea bag an Armour Locked Spartan? I wouldn't personally try it. But hey, different strokes for different Spartans right?

For a slightly different perspective however, The dudes who know about Teabagging and its prevention have written a sweet article on using the armour abilities of the Halo Reach Beta. You thought my post on armour lock use was awesome? This is nearly as good ;)

Like Jules Winfield might ask, "Example?"

Jet Packs Tips FTW!

A means for travel, a means of killing... a Jetpack can be your greatest ally... or the means of watching your body fall hundreds of feet to the ground to its sudden, unexpected and 8-10 second penaltied death.


  • Well, the only time when it's pointless to use them is when you're already too late. Remember that the Jetpack takes a little bit of time to work at full power. If that grenade is already at your feet, you're already dead. Should've used the shield.
  • When there are at least two other guys in Jet packs in the air with you.
  • When you're getting out of a fight where people are obviously all shooting at you. You don't become invisible, you actually just become slower and higher, and therefore easier to shoot. Spartans aren't blind after 10 feet of elevation and neither are Elites.
  • When they are low on charge. Nothing's more embarrassing than trying to get somewhere you can't and being killed because of it. Remember to basically act and play like you did in Halo 3. Use your abilities only when needed like the Rocketeer would. If you use any of these abilities as a crutch, you're doing it wrong. Use them when you can and don't rely on them, but use them as a bonus.
  • When someone else with a Jetpack is right behind you. Nothing is more embarrassing (or freaking AWESOME) than an air assassination.
  • At the beginning of the game, when plenty of ground matches are being started.
  • When nobody is around, to get closer to the action and then throw grenades at it.
  • When everybody is shooting each other and not you, and you're low on health.
  • When at a high elevation that you feel you can cover some extra ground because of, as that will allow you to get closer to the action faster and in a way that allows you get the UPPER hand. UPPER hand. See what we... no? Okay.
  • When evading someone with a shotgun or gravity hammer. 
  • When you're in a ground fight with someone that doesn't have a shotgun and they are reloading. Shooting them (and finishing them off) from the air will disorient them JUST enough so that you can ensure a kill.
  • When you're losing and completely bored and just want to remember what it was like to first buy an XBox360 and be playing games like Armored Core.

Hmm, imagine what Jules' speech might be as he was about to slaughter a spartan. Would it be as good as his '"and you will know my name quote?"

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