There is no spoon

K, this is a blatant borrow from Grunts R Us, because lets face it, they do all the work so I can simply copy and paste eh?

Grunts R Us reportsA glitch in the Halo Reach Beta caused some of the yet-to-be-revealed armor permutations. Among the ones returning are the Mark VI, CQB, EOD, and ODST. Also seen were the helmets and armor of Noble Team (although we don’t know if those will be in multiplayer). As you might expect, all this could change come fall, but it looks promising."
I personally think it was simply the Matrix being reset. Move along Neo, take the blue pill, nothing to see here. There is no spoon

The ODST helmet and a variation on the Mark VI helmet

The ODST helmet and EOD helmet

The CQB helmet
The armor can be seen by watching this saved film clip in theater mode.
Photo credit goes to Bun7gie

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