Switching Gears and Squashing Bugs!

Marcus Lehto made a sweet post on Noble Actual letting us hardcore fans know whereabouts Bungie is in the development of the Reach game itself:

"This week ends the last week of polish for content in the game. At midnight tonight, the artists are shifting into hard core bug fixing mode from here on out until we hit ZBR (zero bug release). While content artists are bug fixing and engineering is optimizing for performance, the designers will be hard at work finalizing all the encounters throughout the campaign.

There are many tired eyes due to very late nights for everyone here. It’s often hard for developers to switch gears from cramming as much time as they can into polishing content for the game to closing the game out. It’s my job, as well as all the other leads here, to pull these people back to see the amazing game we have created together and make sure they fix all the bugs that really matter for the game to be as high a quality product as possible.


Go on lads, squash those bugs till they are dead and then squish them some more. We wouldn't want any in game exploits, would we? Would we?

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