A single melee hit still takes down a player’s shield

A Halo fiend called Shake Appeal has written the best guide on how to play the Reach beta I've seen. I mean like its Beta than Cody Miller's even! Or my guide on armor lock!

Here's a taste:

'A single melee hit still takes down a player’s shield, but that is all it will do, regardless of whether the shield was full or significantly weakened. Read that last sentence over before proceeding. Got it? Okay. In Halo 3, you could charge an opponent with your Assault Rifle (AR) and deliver a closing melee that punched through their remaining shield with enough force left over to kill. In Halo: Reach, even the tiniest sliver of shield will absorb that first blow. Think of it this way: if your opponent has any shield at all, it will always take two melee hits to beat them down. If this guide was a textbook and I was your teacher, I’d be asking you to underline this whole paragraph.'

That's fucking gold right there. Shake Appeal has the midas touch - here's the full guide. 

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