Has armour* lock saved your life?

I spied a great post at Tied the Leader which was all excited about the Halo Reach Beta, and rightly so, it's life fucking Christmas in May or getting with your best mate's hot sister. One comment stood out at the end of the article about the Armour Lock ability:

“Be sure to use your Armour Lock wisely. You can actually spam the button to go in and out of Armour Lock repeatedly, as a way of throwing off the timing of whoever is nearby. And Armour Lock will usually save your life, even if your opponent is waiting for it to wear off, your teammates might come in and distract him, leaving you free to go back to fighting.”

Art Director, TT L Burritoh

Well, TT L Burritoh, you hit the needler crystal on the head. I've found judicious use of armour lock can indeed save your life. Team mates do rescue you, and at the very least it's a chance for your shields to regenerate. 

Also, against noobs you stand a good chance of at least getting back in the game. That said, the pros will stand back and lob a well timed grenade to finish you off if possible, hence Burritoh's suggestion to jiggle your entry into lock mode. 

What's been your experience with Armour lock? Anything to add? It's better than the Elite evade roll right? 

*Fuck you American spelling system, armour has a u!


Seenoht said...

Ha, it saved my butt in an Invasion game this weekend. I locked right over the data core out in the open and watched as a pair of sword-wielding Elites rolled up on me.

Just before I came out of lock, my teammate blasted them to hell with the grenade launcher.

And on behalf of American spelling...ah, who am I kidding. I don't give a shit how it's spelled. :D

Jimmy Jangles said...

That's awesome! Invasion is gonna be an epic game play option in the final game