Halo Reach Release Date Revealed

Finally, it has been confirmed by Bungie that the release date for Halo: Reach will be September 14th on 2010.

Fans who were perhaps a little disappointed by the Halo 3: ODST game have been keenly waiting for Halo Reach ever since it was announced a year or so ago.

Reach is set on the planet Reach and features the campaign of Noble Team as they tackle the threat of the Covenant who are glassing the planet.

Reach will have all kinds of new awesome features including, sprint mode for Spartans and jet packs to fly around in. There are new kinds of multiplayer variants as well.

As made famous in Halo 3, a revised Forge returns along with the now standard ability to record your games and take pictures etc. ODST's successful Firefight mode will also return.

Expect many great innovations from Bungie for this game, they've thrown their own kitchen sink into this baby for us, the Halo fans to enjoy! I'll see you in line!

Official Release Date Press Release

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