Cody Miller's Reach Beta Game Play Tips

Pew, Pew, Pew!

If I had to name a famous Halo player, it's always gonna be Cody Miller. Here's his Reach Beta Game Play Tips that he posted to HBO to help you decide which weapon or custom armour ability to use and how to do so.

Reach Weapon Game Play Tips:


The pistol is going to be your new best friend. It's usable at all but the most extreme long range, and much more powerful than the AR. Like the DMR 4 shots and a headshot will kill. 8 body shots will kill, which is coincidentally a full clip. This gives you a little leeway - if you miss a shot you can still snag a kill before reloading if you get a headshot.

The key to getting comfortable with the pistol is to learn how to deal with the reticle bloom and recoil. The closer you are, the less you need to worry about both, so try to get a feel for how much delay you need to add at any given distance to get the accuracy you need. At close range, you can fire wildly, while at mid to long range you need to add a delay to keep putting shots on.


The DMR is similar to the pistol, and is not as effective at close range, but better for mid to long range combat. Like the pistol, it's best to get a feel for how much accuracy you need at any given distance. I've found the best thing to do is to squeeze off 4 body shots as quickly as possible, then take a moment to line up the headshot. Take a breath in, then pop it off. It's important to make every shot count, so wildly firing may do more harm than good.


Don't use this. There isn't really a situation where it's going to better than a pistol in my experience.

Needle Rifle:

This weapon can headshot. Try combining it with the plasma pistol in Covie Slayer. Does not fire as fast as the DMR, but has less reticle bloom.

Plasma Launcher:

It's best not to launch more than one grenade since one is all it takes to kill.

Rocket Launcher:

Pairs great with the jetpack. Rain down terror from above.

Focus Beam:

Also works well with the jetpack. This weapon is not as effective at close range.

Armour Abilities:


Sprint is really good. Try using it to escape from combat situations when you health is low, or try using it to get in position for assassinations. It works great for running down flag carriers. Try sprinting in close and being aggressive with melees, as this can be hard for a player with the DMR or pistol to deal with.


The jetpack is good for getting power weapons when you co-ordinate with your team. It's best not to use out in the open, as you will be picked off easily by good DMR and pistol players.


If you are stuck, activate lockdown and you will not die. Very useful if you are about to die and have teammates nearby, and works very when used on top of objective items to delay teams from picking them up.


I should use this more often than I do, but I always seem to get assassinated by someone who is cloaked near an objective item.

Evade (Elites only):

You can evade in any direction. if you have the sword, evade towards you opponent to get in close enough to lunge. Very hard to defeat without a shotgun.


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