Birth of a Spartan Video is Released

Woah, it's like I'm starring at a mirror but I'm not. Heavy. 

The Halo piece of propaganda that I think truly marks the start of the campaign to sell Halo Reach to the mass has been released (I'm discounting all the Beta stuff...) Behold, dear reader, Birth of a Spartan.

The video shows future leader of Noble Team, Carter, being transformed into a Spartan Warrior through some futuristic precision surgery. I think I read somewhere that a longer version of the one below is, or will be soon, available for your viewing pleasure on your 42 inch plasma via Xbox Live:

Whaddya reckon? He looks like a bit of a pussy?

Extra for Experts: Check out the headhunter video - a full game, unedited.


Joseph said...

This video is incredible, I like how anything related to the Halo universe has an epic quality even in a short film.

Jimmy Jangles said...

Is that you Staten? Beat it ! ;) Nah, it's shot well and gives some sweet details on the history of the Spartan. I love how Carter gets to 'choose' to get the 'upgrade'.

Joseph said...

I may be Staten, Nah. I wonder if this concept will be as explored as the 'Believe' advertisments for Halo 3. It would be awesome if they do one of these for each member of Noble Team.

Joseph said...

By the way I am sure you have already seen it but the video for this on the Xbox is quite a bit longer.