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Monday, March 22

This Bird You Cannot Change?

Angelo Guibone’s custom Master Chief Zaku crossover
Master Chief Joins the Gundam Metaverse, gets cool new armour.
And you thought the Halo: Legends Spartans were bad ass. Check out the results of one Angelo Guibone’s transmogrifcation of the Master Chief into ‘Master Chief Zaku'. Which is apparently a cross over of Gundam and Halo...

Gundam? Zuku? Yeah, I had to ask too. The MS-06 Zaku II is a mobile suit from the Mobile Suit Gundam metaverse. Gundam itself is a Japanese Anime series which features giant Robots. My guess is it inspired Transformers.....

 Check out these pictures of the new Chief Armour:

Simply Bad Ass
Imagine an Elite impaled on that right shoulder...

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