New Bungie Trademark - speculation abounds!

So some super sleuths have sussed that Halo Hero's Bungie have applied for a trademark for a new logo called Bungie Aerospace. Here's the actual application with the US Patents and Trademarks Office.

By the looks of it, it's not really Halo related. Could it something to do with a new game or is it some other kind of market positioning? May be it is branding for the licensing of their 'game engine' or other software to other developers. Perhaps Bungie are going old school and the trademark has something to with the iconic Marathon series?

The application was initially found by Attack of the Fanboy.They suggested that perhaps "Bungie will be working on the engine that newly formed Microsoft group 343 Studios will be using to make the next Halo game not designed by Bungie". I doubt that idea, Microsoft would have taken all Bungie's 'kit' as part of the infamous split between the two entities.

Here's the logo all big style:

So the question for you, Dear Fan Boys and Fan Girls, is what do you think the logo is linked to? Who does this trademark application fit in with Bungie's quest for world domination? Is resistance still futile?

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