Ms Valentine's Megacon 2010 Cortana Costume

cortana costume
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Ms Valentine's Megacon 2010 Cortana Costume

There's a million reasons to love the Halo series of games. Elites, sniper rifle sprees and impossible odds are pretty popular reasons. None, however compare to the beauty of everybody's favourite AI, Cortana

People want to be her, and people want to dress like her. Ms Valentine is one of that talented group and has pulled off a pretty great Cortana costume which she debuted at the Megacon 2010.

"So why remake it? I was never really 100% satisfied with how my first version came out, I had a good idea but it didn't work out like I wanted. Sometimes the desire to make a costume nags at me until I finally just give in, and this was the case. When I found the perfect fabric for only $3 a yard at work I knew it was a sign that Cortana had to be done. This time around I wanted to make the costume the best one yet, and with some help from my friends and advice from my Dad I was soon on a roll."

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Anonymous said...

I am making a Cortana outfit myself for SDCC 2012. I was wondering how you painted your bodysuit? I was going to use watered down acrylic, but was curious as to what you used. Thanks for your time and love the costume!