Lost Calico Cat still Missing!

Bungie, have laid on an Easter egg in the new Reach Vidoc which is a replay on the semi-infamous lost cat poster from Halo CE.

At about 1 minute 16 into the youtube version of the Vidoc is a screen of post-it-notes style presentation with this one near the bottom "Lost Calico Cat Answer to Jonesy"

lost calico cat jonesie halo

Jonesy is the supposed name of a calico cat aboard the UNSC Pillar of Autumn. It was probably a pet of someone on board the Autumn and was on board during the Battle of Reach and when the Autumn reached Installation 04.

This message appeared in Halo CE and also H3 in the Crow's Nest level. 

Jonesy is a reference to Lt. Ellen Ripley's cat of the same name on the Nostromo, from the first Alien movie. Read more on Halo using Alien inspiration here.

I guess Bungie knows that Halo fans pour over every detail of these Vidocs, looking for clues as to the game's nature. By adding in the Jonesy cat, I guess it shows Bungie knows this and is sharing the love. And the next question must thus be, where with the note appear in Reach? (and can it continuity-wise? ;) )

Extra For Experts: Note in the second picture, the message board also contains a Keep It Clean message. Those who've played ODST will recognise that as one of that game's slogans (it was used on in the promotional work).


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