Here's how to buy Halo Reach early

How to buy your copy of Halo: Reach early!

Pre book your copy of Halo: Reach online with Amazon. It’s simple as – clicking on this link and buying it. Of course you are only buying Reach early, not getting it early! ;)

Here’s 5 Reasons to buy Halo Reach:
• There’s a Spartan with one arm. That mean’s they are awesome.

• There’s an untold story in the Halo universe with your name all over it.

• It will help you get over the post ODST Blues.

• There’s gonna be some sweet music.

• Two words people: More Halo.

So, if I’ve convinced you, go preorder Halo: Reach  now!!

Full Disclosure: I make some coin if you purchase the game through any of these links.

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