Grifball to have a permanent home in Reach?

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So rumour has it that Halo Reach will have some kind of game variant of Grifball. What the heck is Grifball you may ask?

Set in an empty forged room, players run round with gravity hammers and swords trying to stop the other team from ‘scoring’ by way of arming the bomb that they've been luggin' around. In other words, it's mayhem.

I also think its really boring but hey, it’s spawned it’s own community so each to their own pwning.
How do we know there might be some Grifball in Reach? Urk placed an MP3 in the recent Bungie Weekly Update with 'Halo Announcer' Jeff Steitzer saying “Grifball!  Steitzer is the announcer that makes 'Slayer' sound sexy. He also very kindly informs me of the many, many overkills I make. Included in the update where some smarmy calls too such as 'Cool Spawn Bro' and 'You Suck'. I doubt they'll be placed in Reach....

For those extra curious amongst you, here's the official Grifball website, how to play Grifball and the Halowiki for the game if nothing much makes sense.

So, what are your thoughts on having Grifball as a standard game variant matc making? Fly or Die? Ham or Hammer time?

Hat Tip: Grunts R Us

I realise this is old news, I somehow forgot to press Publish...

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