Forerunner Novel in 2011? Probably

Greg Bear has confirmed via a fan on his face book page that the first Forerunner novel will not likley see the light of day until next year (2011).

Here's the exhange between F1rsTxLas7 and the novelist himself:

"Hi Mr. Bear, I'm a huge fan of the Halo book series and was incredibly excited to hear that you were writing a series of Forerunner novels for Bungie. I've heard the first one was supposed to be released sometime this year, but do you have any idea of a more accurate date?"
Bear replied with:

"Working away right now, and enjoying very productive meetings with the Halo folks in their new digs. Lots of revelations being discussed. Take a look at the new HALO-themed short subjects on HALO LEGENDS DVD! Not likely to see the first book until 2011."

Greg Bear has written plenty of his own science fiction stories (notably (Blood Magic), but this Forerunner trip across the universe is not his first telling of a story using another person's IP - he's written for Star Trek (1980!) and Star Wars previously.

Hat Tip: HBO

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