10 Halo Reach Questions (and Answers) for people who hate the Bungie Forums

 Please sir, I was only speculating on a cross hair position...

10 Halo Reach Questions (and Answers) for people who hate the Bungie Forums

Have you ever been on a Bungie.net forum? It’s filled with kids who’ve spilt their after school milk on the key board, trolls, bad spellers and people who think their two cents is actually worth a dollar. There's a reason they have Ninja's and a Banhammer round them. It's hard finding the gold, it's there but you have to er.. mine for it.

And if you do want to, don't bother, because hey, you don’t care the cross hair was slightly to the left and that proved Natal was going to be used in Reach right? Oh wait, that was gonna be my first question. Damn.

Here's 10 questions you may have dared to enter the forums to find an answer too. Selfless blogger that I am, I've done the hard yards for you....

Is Halo Reach going to have Natal?

Nope. Nada. Bungie Busted this long running myth.

Is the Master Chief in Reach?

Maybe, probably not. The game will focus on Spartan team ‘Noble’. You play the campaign as Noble 6, the Lone Wolf.

What’s a Skirmisher?

A new Covenant member. Prepare to be outflanked by them…..

Is the Falcon playable?

Yes. It will be forever known as the 'Warthhog of the Skies'. It appears there is a flying a helicopter mission in Reach? Will be it a rescue mission? Your guess is as good as the kid who just spilt his second glass of milk over the keyboard.

Who’s that Spartan with a mechanical arm?

That would be Kat, a long serving member of Noble Team. She is not a Def Leppard fan ok?

Is ODST’s Buck going to be in Halo Reach?

In Halo 3: ODST Buck mentioned he was there at the Fall of Reach. This article strongly hints that Buck will appear in Reach in some shape or form. Given the Noble squad has been announced, it seems reasonable to speculate you will run into him ‘in the field’ as it were.

Who’s that girl?

You’re thinking of a 1980s Eurythmics song. Move along, Missionary Man.

Will there be Firefight in Reach?

Bet the farm on it, boy. Reach will have Firefight mode. The success of it in Halo 3:ODST guarantees it.

Comments? Death threats? P.S. I love yous?


Seenoht said...

Yeah, the forums are tough to take some days. This excitement reminds me of the build-up to Revenge of the Sith on the starwars.com forums.

Except I don't recall people being this rude. It's amazing how much different that aspect is.

I'm sure it comes from one being a Mature rated game and the other a PG-13 movie.

Rogan Josh said...

I hear u dude, the forums can be a mad house!!

Anonymous said...

will there be forge

Anonymous said...

Yeah there will be forge cos it was so popular with ODST and H3.

MASTERCHEAF 117 said...


Anonymous said...

Why yes, yes it does