Meet Spartan JORGE

Meet Spartan JORGE.  Cardshark and Halo Reach Spartan.

Chief Warrant Officer
Full Name: XXX, JORGE

SERVICE #: S-052



Enlistment Date: CLASSIFIED


Gender: M

Birthplace: PÁLHÁZA, REACH

Birth Date: 05/03/2511

Career soldier—but then all the Spartans are, aren’t they; inspires confidence in those around him—he is a combat multiplier! Rock solid; almost thirty years in the saddle and shows no signs of breaking or slowing; easygoing for someone from the class of ’25; need to keep an eye on him around XXX as he tends to be pretty free with his opinions.

Vocal in his support of provincial self-rule; just as vocal in his condemnation of the separatist and insurrectionist movements. Only member of the team that has seen as much action, if not more, against human militants as Covenant forces. Very difficult to read. ((NOTE: never play cards with JORGE.))

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