Meet Spartan Emile

Meet EMILE. Warrant Officer and character in the Halo game, Reach. I did some hacking and got access to Emile's personal ONI file and in the interests of knowing all things Halo, I'm sharing it with you, dear Halo reader. Also, go Buy an Emile T-Shirt!


Full Name: XXX, EMILE

SERVICE #: S-239


(P)MOS: 18B

Enlistment Date: CLASSIFIED


Gender: M


Birth Date: 11/03/2523

Respected by his peers; detail oriented; unbreakable. There’s not a whole lot more to mention; he is an effective member of the unit while in the field and maintains strict discipline off the field. It does seem that he tends to have more difficulty interacting with non-Spartans than others within NOBLE, however.


I wish he would reel his audacity in the field back about 24%. His behavior makes it difficult to field him against insurrectionists; it’s hard enough dealing with the stories of UNSC excess manufactured by the civilian media without S-239 providing them with hard evidence of said excess. That being said: It’s an odd feeling to be relieved that you are sending your people out against hostile aliens.


I may have to consider rotating S-344 into his spot if another IN/OP comes up before S-239’s next mandatory psychiatric reevaluation [REF:03/09/2552]. S-239’s collection of alien contraband is truly impressive. However, the existence of said collection is in direct violation of NAVCOM General Order 098831A-1/Sub_7. Good thing we’re ARMY.

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Unknown said...

Reminds me of GHOST in MW2....I wonder why.

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Anonymous said...

YA BUDDY!!! My favorite character!!!! Him and Ghost from MW2 are brothers.