I'm Noble 6. No, I'm Noble 6. NO! I'm Noble 6.

Quit your bitching soldier! You are all Noble 6. Note of this Spartacus ending crap!

As you play Halo: Reach you inhabit the 'Lone Wolf' spartan character playing along side Emile, Cat, Carter, Jorge and Jun, the other Spartan members of team Noble.

That's for single player campaign mode. Reach will be up-to four player co-op however.....

Want more on Noble 6? Check out the Lone Wolf  info page, or the Pegasi back story page

Source: Game Informer


Joseph said...

Which is lame, why go through a huge effort to create a slew of characters with distinct identities and not allow players to experience them. A lot of people want to participate as Noble 6 and of course they can do that in single player, however playing with your friends online it is absurb that you have a team of 9 people with 4 Noble 6's.

Jimmy Jangles said...

You raise a very important point Joseph. I see you may have taken my words in a different way than I intended. (I was making a joke about the film Spartacus and was meaning that everyone playing a single player campaign was N6, just like everyone is the usually 117.

But Yes, What happens to the Lone Wolf where there is four player Co Op in the campaign? - Will some of the Noble team drop out? Or will they have less effect in the game?

One may recall Halo 3 provided 3 other 'characters' to play as in 4 player campaign mode - I image a similar scenario could be employed for Reach where the 2nd play is for example using the character of Emile.

All the scripts etc would work as usual except for that player??

Anonymous said...

When I first read about some of the new reach features I was under the impression that it would be 5 player Co-Op. But this changes everything. 9 Spartans!? Thats gonna be pretty interesting. I dont see having 4 noble 6's as a bad thing, because each person can pretty much customize him to their own liking. So its not like we will have 4 of the same EXACT character running around. im sure you will be able to edit the color and armor add ons. and from what it says up there, each character has a set primary and secondary weapon, so having different looking spartans with different weapon combinations will definitely make things interesting. My question is, IF there WILL be 4 players plus the other 5 npc's, will the campaign have large enough firefights to make it challenging for even 9 spartans? I saw in the video that the enemies can pile up, because bungie can now hold more enemies on screen at once. If they make challenging ambushes and stuff, and make the campaign longer(Halo3, very short) then i think i will greatly enjoy this game.

Anonymous said...

i hope that you are able to play as other members of noble team on coop however there might be a place where you get separated from noble team and thats where noble 6s lone wolf reputation comes into play and will be off limits to coop