Cameron: Avatar was inspired by Aliens, Not Halo

James Cameron has taken the time to remind Halo fans who’ve seen Avatar and thought he’d ripped off the Halo franchise design wise that Halo:CE itself was greatly inspired by his sequel to Alien, Aliens.

In an interview with G4 X-play, James Cameron is promoting the Avatar video game. The interview makes a comment about Avatar and Halo and how Halo was inspired by Aliens.

Cameron agrees and sends a message to the “so called ‘fanboys'”.

“Pay attention, if I’m referencing anything its the source stuff for Halo, you know, which is my own stuff. So I get to do that, no one else gets to do that.”

Acsendant Justice has done a fabulous essay that highlights how Aliens did inspire the Halo series. Ever wondered where the idea for Avery Johnston came from?

Check out the video of the Cameron interview below:


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