Planet: Reach (excerpt from CAA FACTBOOK [l.update 12.7.2535])

Planet: Reach (excerpt from CAA FACTBOOK [l.update 12.7.2535])

  • Length of day: 27 hours
  • Length of year: 390 days (local)
  • Gravity: ~1.08 g
  • Natural satellites: [2] Csodaszarvas, Turul

Reach is the 4th largest planet in the Epsilon Eridani [K2 Orange-red dwarf] system, second closest to ε Eridani. Stable for planet of its age [<1B years]. First planetary confirmations were in early 21st century.

Reach is the location of the UNSC's largest and most active shipyard. It is also where the UNSC's most elite troops, the Orbital Drop Shock Troopers, are trained. Reach is also the largest non-automated exporter of titanium. ε Eridani's superior interstellar jump point has been the most active S-F space transfer zone (arrivals and departures) for over thirty years, with ε Eridani's inferior IJP and Sol's superior IJP regularly trading second and third place spots.

  • Population: 703,341,500
  • Largest Cities: Manassas, Quezon, Ezhtergom

Sauce: Bungie

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