Where's New Zealand?

My first reaction to seeing this 'Word vs Brand New Videogame' chart  on Kotaku was to think, where the hell is New Zealand? We are home to Lord of the Rings! Man, we nearly got the Halo movie made! And heck, we made the Speed Racer Xbox game.

The news is that there is no news when new Xbox 360 games are released in New Zealand. We just get to buy them the day before America.

And that includes Halo: Reach. Woot!


Anonymous said...

Exactly man I'm a Kiwi 2 and 2 sum it up in a short story: We get 2 laugh at the rest of the world when we play Halo reach first while they figure out where Aotearoa is.

P.S America is awesome, always wanted to go there, would rather go there than Australia any day.

Jimmy Jangles said...

True bro, see you in line at midnight at EB games or Dick Smith or whereever! I recall when I got Halo 3 they had that 'player map' which showed where everyone was - there were a few blips, 8 hours later it was white dots everywhere!

Anonymous said...