How to set your Gmail Theme to look like Planet Reach

So like Google's fantastic Gmail has background themes you can use to make your Gmail  Email experience like totally awesome in Full Halo Glory (TM). 

For those so inclined, one can change the theme setting to 'Planets' and if you squint your eyes a certain way, it looks like the planet Reach:

Hey, I told you to squint!

Here's the comparison to Bungie's vision of the Planet:

See, that orange colour means it's the same!

And this just proves it!

So, I know you're sold on this 'Gmail Reach Theme' and because I'm a lovable chap I'm gonna tell you how to get in into Gmail for free.

Log in to your Gmail. Click Settings at the top right. Click Themes on the far right. Select the Planets picture, middle of the third row. The change to your theme will happen automatically and you'll be blessed with Full Halo Glory (TM).

All this shows is that despite their rivalry with Microsoft, the lads and ladies at Google love Halo. Heck, their Chrome logo was modeled on Guilty Spark 343 right?

           The things I do for you Halo fans..... ;)

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