Beginners Guide to Halo: Reach

I had someone use what I thought was an odd search term to find Halo Reach Game News:

"What planet is halo reach on?"

The page they found was Why is Planet Reach so important to the Halo story line? which gives a very brief spiel on the events that happened on the planet.

But then I thought to myself, the person who was searching for the information about a planet in a galaxy far far away didn't know the answer - maybe they were new to the Halo series?

Everyone knows about Halo and the Master Chief right? But that's about as far as it goes sometimes. Heck, I only today realised the Engineers in Halo 3:ODST were actually intended to be in Halo: Combat Evolved game. Like Pink, who knew?

So, given that not every one knows everything and Halo: Reach will bring a slew of new fans to the Halo series, here's few things that will help beginners understand the context of Reach.

Will the Master Chief be in the Halo Reach campaign?

The Master Chief is the main protagonist of the Halo series of Xbox games. He's a bad ass, engineered to be bigger and stronger than an ordinary man. He knows no fear and was the bloke who finished the fight. He will not necessarily be the main player in the Reach campaign mode - the leaks suggest you play other 'Spartans' who were augmented in the same way the Master Chief was.

Who is Dr Halsey on Reach?

This Doctor is the person who engineered the Spartan project. Effectively the mother of the Spartans, she plays a large role in the Halo novels but has yet to make an formal appearance in a xbox game. Given the plot elements of The Fall of Reach it seems likley Dr Halsey will be a central character or plot point in Halo: Reach

What is the campaign plot of Halo Reach?

In short, the planet is overrun by the nasty covenant. The army of the UNSC and Spartans decide to fight back. It this action leads to the events of the original Xbox game, Combat Evolved.

I heard Reach is based on a book called The Fall of Reach?

You heard right. It actually came out before Combat Evolved! Those boys at Bungie were certainly into back stories in a big way.

I only bought ODST so I could get the Beta to Halo: Reach. Will those Engineers be in the game?

Who knows if they will, but legend has it, the Master Chief did meet one on Reach....


Anonymous said...

you will be playing the rook in "noble" squad
noble squad is just a normal spartan squad

Anonymous said...

noble team is a team of spartan 3's and they are not augmented in the same way spartan 2's have bb sized pellets put in them which killed and mamed most of them while spartan 3's are given injections which are less dangerous and did not result in them dieing so yeah they are not augmented in the same way and are not the same as the master chief oh and spartan 3's can become ranks higher than petty officer master chief.