Wednesday, July 22

Halo: Infinite - Box Art Cover

halo infinite box art

Check out the newly revealed cover art for Halo Infinite. 

Does it remind you of anything you've ever seen before ... ?

If you look closely into the visor of the Chief you can see a reflection of what appears to one of The Banished. The Banished are expected to feature heavily in-game as the antagonists. Keen Halo Wars fans will recall the Banished featured in Halo Wars 2. The Banished is largely made of Brutes - not seen in a Halo game since Halo 3. It's possible that the Brute in the reflection is Atriox, from HW2 or perhaps Hyperius.

And here's the art as wallpaper:

wallpaper halo infinite

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Anonymous said...

ugh...hate the 117 on the armor. Why?