Saturday, January 19

Top 11 Worst Cosplay Costumes Fails

Darth vader sexy leather cosplay fail

Top 11 Worst Cos Play Costumes Eve

We were in two minds about this post actually in that some of the people here are just honest good folk, being earnest in their endeavours and possibly are ridiculed for that.

But then I thought - If you are posing for a photo then, in the internet age, your cosplay fail is simply going straight to the internet:

terrible princess leia fan
Princess Leia in full costume. 

Super Girl and Super Lara Croft

Starfire from Titans cosplay photos

Starfire Teen Titans cosplay costume bkini
"She will be a better Titan than I ever was..."

Starfire from Teen Titans Cosplay Costumes

I vaguely recall my first introduction to Starfire when I borrowed my uncle's comic book collection as a lad - Starfire was running round with Nightwing and the Teen Titans or something fighting some cult lead by an awesome villain called Brother Blood. 

That stuff is just awesome when you are 12 years old!

But now I'm all growed up and I can see what the real fuss about Starfire AKA Koriand'r is and why people like to put on their best red wig and purple bikini and do their best cos play impersonation...

cory starfire cosplay
Hi, I'm Starfire.