Sunday, April 22

Ms Marvel cosplay AKA Captain Marvel

Ms marvel cosplay costume  tits

Ms Marvel cosplay

Soon to be featured in a movie starring Brie Larson as Captain Marvel, we can imagine this Marvellous comic book character will be even more popular than she is now. 

We imagine the effect will be the same as what happened with Harley Quinn when Suicide Squad was released - Quinn was the choice of 'bad girl' when Halloween came around. Will Ms Marvel have the same effect on sales of Halloween costumes? Aye Aye Captain!

Possibly the most perfect Cortana cosplay ever!

 I am your shield; I am your sword

This photo is possibly the most perfect Cortana cosplay ever

The blues are awesome, the face is pretty and the costume is subtle enough to not be so obvious that it's a roughly made onesie.... what do you think - is this player's version of Cortana better than these keen lasses?

For those not in the know, Cortana is a popular character from the Halo franchise. She's expected to play a big role in Halo 4, indeed it's known she's going to go rampant.

Found with another image of the curvey Cortana here.

Darth Maul - I've killed your master and now it is your turn to die, young Jedi! Or rather some cosplay...


Darth Maul.

A truly iconic Star Wars character to come from the mess that was The Phantom Menace movie.

He died a classic death at the hands of Obi Wan Kenobi (or did he?)  and thus became a Star Wars legend... which is presumably why Darth is such a popular cosplay character choice!

Here's a few pictures of Darth Maul that I found around the place. You'll see that some of the make up jobs to get the character looking just right are pretty impressive!


Wednesday, April 18

What is the "Parkside" game?

Elizabeth Cosplay from Bioshock

The internet rumour mill has gone into HYPERDRIVE at the discovery that there might be a new Bioshock game in the wind.

Its code name is whispered in hushed tones as being "Parkside".

Kotaku is reporting that workers on Mafia 3 where quietly shuttled over to a 'secret studio' that was working on a Bioshock game.
Given the success of the franchise where arguably the second sequel Bioshock: Infinite proved to be a 'once in a generation success' of storytelling within a game it would be a surprise to exactly no one that 2K wanted to get some cash from a new game. 

We understand that Bioshock's legendary creator, Ken Levine is working on other projects so presumably is not directly involved in the production.