Wednesday, July 12

Amazing cosplay costumes from Mass Effect Andromeda

Bioware managed to find some awesome cosplayers portraying Peebee, Drack, Ryder and Jaal.

This team has done and amazing job! The Pee Bee at the end arguably looks better than the on screen version!

Bioware did a wee interview with Ryder's Squad:

Tell us about your cosplay group

We all came together over our shared love for the Mass Effect series. When we heard a new game was in the works, we knew we had to make something. Adam (our Pathfinder), reached out to everyone with his crazy idea to make a Mass Effect: Andromeda group before we had any reference pictures. 

We have all been cosplaying separately for several years, but this was our first cosplay as a group.

How did you work together for this build?
We all came to the group with different strengths and weaknesses, which benefited us greatly. Having people who excel in armor making, crafting props, creating prosthetics, and sewing, all in one group, really helped ensure all of our costumes were something we were really proud of! 

It truly was our shared passion and team effort that allowed us to complete this group in 90 days.

Have you received any attention?
We were honored to take home Best in Show at the 2017 Calgary Expo. The support and love we have received from our local community of cosplayers and fellow Mass Effect fans has been astounding.

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Thursday, July 6

Halo: Retribution novel coming August 29

On Aug 29th another new chapter in the Halo universe will be unfurled – well, several of them, technically – as Halo: Retribution by Troy Denning makes its way to store shelves and lore-loving hands. 

Here's synopsis:

'December 2553. Less than a year after the end of the Covenant War, a string of violent incidents continues to threaten the tenuous peace in human-held space, culminating in the assassination of UNSC fleet admiral Graselyn Tuwa and the abduction of her family. It is a provocation so outrageous that the Office of Naval Intelligence must retaliate swiftly and ferociously—but only after its operatives identify her killer and rescue the hostages.

This mission will be the first for homicide-detective-turned-ONI-operative Veta Lopis and her young team of Spartan-IIIs, and something feels wrong from the start. The obvious suspect is an infamous Brute who leads the Keepers of the One Freedom, an ex-Covenant splinter group in fierce opposition to the UNSC. 

But Lopis and her team soon realize that the truth is much more insidious than they could ever have imagined, and with Fred-104, Kelly-087, and Linda-058 of Blue Team for combat support, they must stop a plan hatched in the bowels of the secret research station Argent Moon—a plan so sinister it could destroy all those still reeling from thirty years of intergalactic conflict…'

Halo: Retribution is slated for release on August 29, and you can preorder your copy right here!

Check out our June 22nd Community Update for more info on the upcoming novel.