Sunday, December 4

Mass Effect Andromeda game play video lives up to the hype

Mass Effect Andromeda Wallpaper

The long awaited game play trailer for the fourth Mass Effect game is here. 

Andomeda's game play looks to be a fluid gaming experience with a whole new dynamic set of game play mechanics and different biotic and firepower options.

The game still however looks to be a classic Mass Effect game, albeit on that's running on methamphetamine when compared to the original.

Here's the video footage:

We thought the Nomad looked pretty handy!

Bioware stated:

"The reveal also shows off a number of features with which you’ll want to become familiar as Mass Effect: Andromeda’s Pathfinder. You’ll encounter entirely new alien races such as the Kett, and will grow to rely on companions like Vetra and Drack, seen in the video. 

Leading your squad through beautiful-yet-deadly worlds, you’ll progress your Pathfinder with a deeply customizable character system, crafting, and a host of new weapons, powers, and gear. And of course, you’ll develop lasting relationships with your companions forged from a long and perilous journey through space."

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