Monday, August 8

New Gears 4 game play suggests the game is very well made and in safe hands

Microsoft has released a new seven minute long campaign gameplay video for Gears of War 4. It's bloody awesome! The game looks absolutely amazing. It retains the dark grit of the originals but it just looks gorgeous.

The game's new developers, The Coalition have done a fine job (The Collation is a outfit comparable to Halo's 343 Industries).
The key take away is that Marcus Fenix is back and looms large as a side kick of sorts to his son JD.

The team seems to be in pursuit of the Swarm, a new enemy for the remaining inhabitants of Sera

“With their village destroyed and Kait’s mom abducted, the squad gives chase through the wilds of Sera and must battle through an incredible storm,” reads the description. Marcus doesn’t seem to be playing a small role within the team either, actually yelling out orders to D, Del, and Kait.

No word on the street if Marcus Fenix will actually be a playable character in Gears 4 - we hope we do get a turn though! Order your copy on Amazon right now!

Here's the game play video:

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