Thursday, February 28

Microtransactions: killing gaming?

Pete the Duck weighs in on the sudden debate about microtransactions that occur in game as a result of recent statements made by EA.

"Imagine this scenario: you’ve beaten the singleplayer campaign of your favorite FPS game. There you stand, triumphant, with every piece of armor and weapon you gathered along the way. Now you’re ready to play multiplayer!

Suddenly someone pulls up in a pickup truck, steals all of your armor and weapons, and drives away. But they put all of your gear in the back of the truck with the tailgate down. And it’s a bumpy dirt road. So as you chase after the truck, every few miles you’ll find another piece of your gear that fell out. Sometimes it’ll be a random piece. And after several months and countless miles of running, you finally reacquire everything that you already had in the first place. Now, don’t you feel like you made a lot of progress as a character?"

And basically sums up the issue quite well! 

Read the full article, Pete raises some very interesting points on character progression and what it should mean to players. 

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