Sunday, December 23

Dead Space 3 Achievement Points List

dea space 3

So when you get your hands on Dead Space 3 you might what to think about these achievement points -There's Always Peng! makes a return and given the game now has a co-op element, there's a few points that you'll only achieve by doing just that!

Dead Space 360 Achievement Points

Get On My Level (10 points) - Complete the game on any difficulty setting.
The Explorer (25 points) - Complete all optional missions.
Aren't You Thankful? (50 points) - Complete the game on Hardcore Mode.
Epic Tier 4 Engineer (40 points) - Complete the game in Classic Mode.
Survivalist (40 points) - Complete the game in Pure Survival Mode.
Gun Collector (25 points) - Collect all Weapon Parts.
The Professor (25 points) - Collect all Artifacts.
The Librarian (25 points) - Collect all Logs.
The Armorer (25 points) - Collect all Circuits.
There's Always Peng! (50 points) - Find Peng.
My Buddy (10 points) - Retrieve Resources from a Scavenger Bot at a Bench.
Metal Detector (30 points) - Successfully deploy Scavenger Bots to 15 Resource Areas.
Strapped (10 points) - Craft a Weapon.
Circuit's Edge (10 points) - Add a Circuit to a Weapon.
EMT (25 points) - Craft a Large Med Pack.
Full House (25 points) - Craft a Weapon with 2 Tools, Tips, and Attachments with all Circuit slots filled.
RIG Master (50 points) - Fully upgrade your RIG.
Master Plan (25 points) - Create a Blueprint that needs at least 2000 resources worth of parts and Circuits to build.
From the Jaws (10 points) - Save your Co-Op partner from an execution by killing the attacker.
Share and Share Alike (10 points) - Use the RIG to give an item to your Co-Op partner.
Medic! (10 points) - Revive your Co-Op partner 10 times.
Ghosts of the Past (25 points) - Face all of Carver’s demons by completing all Co-Op only optional missions.
Architect (10 points) - Share a Blueprint with your Co-Op partner.
Axes High (20 points) - Kill 30 enemies using Fodder axes.
Payback (15 points) - Kill a Soldier by TK'ing a grenade or rocket back at them.
Go for the Limbs! (10 points) - Dismember 500 limbs from living enemies.
And Then We Doubled It! (10 points) - Dismember 1000 limbs from living enemies.
Slow Mo (10 points) - Kill 50 enemies while they are in stasis.
Blast Corps (10 points) - Kill 30 enemies with explosion damage.
Shootbang (10 points) - Kill 30 Soldiers with head shots.
Empty Chamber (10 points) - Kill 30 enemies using melee strikes or a melee Weapon Part.
Dropping Acid (10 points) - Dissolve 50 enemies with acid.
Electric Lawnmower (10 points) - Kill 30 enemies using an electrified Ripper blade.
Overpowered Healing (10 points) - Use quick heal to heal yourself 20 times.

Unused armor abilities found in Halo 4 code

Unused armor abilities found in Halo 4 code - check this video of a mod using the codes in action.

Lord Zedd has discovered a couple of Armor Abilities that were not included in the final version of Halo 4 - a teleportation trick and a magical blue spell which removes whatever armour ability you foe has presented you with. Probably didn't make the final cut due to not being totttallly awesome fits with the game....

Thursday, December 13

Halo: Reach Redefined

master chief with reach toothbrush
Even a Spartan needs to clean his teeth. 
I found this picture of the Chief on 9gag this morning - certainly gives Reach a new edge eh?

Sunday, December 9

Tips and Tricks to take down a Promethean Knight from Halo 4

knight halo chief artwork
The Chief ignored this guide at his peril...
The best ways to take down a Promethean Knight from Halo 4

Originally published at Post Game Lobby

It's my humble opinion that never has the Halo universe faced a foe that is so difficult to take down as a Promethean Knight. 

My take is that basically the Knights are the new “Elite” for the Halo franchise but have magical transportation powers and dude that hovers over their shoulder with a light shield when things get a bit too heavy. Did I mention they also an auto sentry just to add into the mix?

Playing Halo 4 can be quite daunting on Heroic and Legendary modes, particularly near the end of the campaign where Knight numbers seem to crank up. If you’re the kind of player that likes to stand their ground and kill everything in sight, here’s some tips on taking out the Knights.

Up Close and Personal

The scattershot is a wonder weapon. Three or four well place shots with the scattershot will likely turn your foe into a cloud of yellow digital ash. Shotguns are nearly as effective. The drawback is that Knights have a melee that make’s a Hunter’s melee feel like a soothing Thai massage.

Fear the Pink Mist

In what almost feels like a cheap shot, a well-placed volley of pink mist will drop the shields of a Knight very well. A follow up death shot with a Light Rifle or BR will finish the job.

Light Rifles and other comparable weapons.

A barrage of light rifle headshots will eventually take out the Knight. Having a BR to add more firepower is almost crucial.  To make an effective use of this strategy, your shots must be head shots other wise it will take forever to kill your foe.

A combo of a pistol and a light rifle is pretty useful too – a fully charged plasma blast will help lower Ivanhoe’s shields, leaving you free to follow up with a headshot from your BR or Light Rifle. 

And so I creep

Sneaking up on an enemy to land a melee punch to the back of the next is a classic Halo move. You can apply this to the Knight by firmly holding down the RB button and you will be rewarded with a pretty cool assassination animation. You could also try using a Halogram* to trick the Knight by drawing his attention, thus giving you an opportunity to creep up and go all Black Hawk on his ass.

There are plenty of other ways to take kill Promethean knights, the above tips and tricks are just a few of the ways you can take them down efficiently. Using grenades and some of the other weapons in the sand box are options. I find a well-placed rail gun blast to the body of a Knight very satisfying. 

You can always use the sword as well!

* that was a typo which I've left in as a terrible pun.