Rod Fergusson slips up, announces Gears of War 4

Do they?
Rod Fergusson announces Gears of War 4 - Well kind of indirectly announces it.

I had my misgivings about the new Gears of War Judgement game being a prequel. I mean Baird is the main character and the Jar Jar Binks of the Gears series, Cole "Wooooooo" Train appears to be the Dom to Baird's Marcus. However the whole game being told by way of a 'trial for their sins' concept is a nice twist so I'll play ball.

Now that I think about it, the paragraph above is completely redundant to this post. However, I'll never win an Oscar Award for editing so it can stay.

The point of this post? When Rod Fergusson, a dude who's Robin to Cliff Bleszinksis's Batman does an interview on Gears of War: Judgement you watch it.

And watch at the 1.20 minute mark of the interview. He appears to freely admits that GOW Judgement is a game to keep GOW fans happy until a new GOW game is released on the next version of the Xbox, whatever that might be.

Here's what Rod actually says after mentioning the wait before the next generation Xbox: "we didn't want to go too long with out Gears fans having something to play"

So this is not speculation or rumour, the dude who knows exactly where the GOW franchise is headed has let slip that there will be another Gears of War game following Judgement. Yeah, this is no really surprise however, you heard it hear first on Gears of Halo ;). So in 2013 when Game Informer gets the scoop on everyone just before E3, I'll refer everyone back to this post...

Jokes aside, make no mistake, those words by Rod were carefully crafted for the interview. He knew what he was saying. Maybe Casey Hudson could take some lessons from him?

I'm calling it Gears of War 4 following the naming pattern of the Halo series....

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