Monday, December 5

A list of Sweet Halo Blogs

With all due respect, sir, this war has enough dead bloggers
There's plenty of Halo love out there - you only have to throw a rock in the air and you'll hit a Halo blog - their admins and forum users and commenters make the Halo universe go round (or expand if you are of an Eienstein persuasion).

I thought it would be sweet to build a list of the current Halo fan blogs that I can find so new comers can find their way to a front lawn that has the kind of grass they like to eat.....

This list of Halo Blogs is in alphabetical order:

Age of Gratitude - a sweet site that allows true blue Halo fans to drop in with their story about Halo - how they came to find it and how they've lived it. If you're a major fan why don't you drop them a line? Here's mine.

Forge Hub - they show you how to use the bricks of the Halo universe to make cool stuff.

Forward Unto Dawn - Willy and the Poor Boys have built a fan site that explores the depths of Halo. They are slowly dipping their toes into the void left behind by Acendant Justice - not that there's any replacing of that wonderful site....

Griff Ball Hub - they know how to griff your ball. So to speak.

Grunts R Us - originally a fan site for Halo, they've branched out into other realms

Halo Community - NKOTB but they're old school really.....

Halo Waypoint - now that Bungie have passed the torch, it's up to Frankie and BS-Angel to lead from the front for official communications from the new masters of the Halo franchise. 

HBO - what Louis Wu, GrimBrother One and their mates don't know about Halo probably just is not worth knowing....

Installation 343 - a promising fan site about everything Halo

Misriah Solutions - the Sherlock Holmes of the Halo blog universe, sniffing out the interesting clues and facts.

Rampancy - probably the second Halo site I found after HBO - while covering the universe, they specialise in making sheet music available for Halo's music. 

The Running Riot - if you want to listen to people talking about Halo via podcasts, this is where you go.

The Life of a Halo Fan - The Zoologist of the blogging crowd and a very keen Halo fan!

This Halo blogs list was my small way of sharing some of the Halo love - if you like it would you please consider liking this page on Facebook, Google Plus or twittering about it!?

Extra for Experts: A Spanish Halo blog!


mxlvspark said...

Hey, I also have a blog about Halo. I'm starting but far it's going great! It's a Spanish blog, so I don't know if it counts. You should check it out:

Jimmy Jangles said...

All done, good luck with the site!