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9 Reasons why Halo sucks... you in

9 Reasons why Halo sucks... you in

It makes you the Hero

Sure, the games are about the Master Chief and his companions but there's a reason why you have never seen the Chief's face before - it's a deliberate action so that you feel like you are in control, that you are saving the universe and that you are the Hero.

What's not to like about that?

The Library

While The Library in the original game some times feels like the Hotel California in that 343 Guilty Spark checked you in but won't let you leave until you have killed every last one of the muthucking face huggers.

This level is infamous within the Halo community as being long and intolerable - even the new Anniversary edition of the game recognised this and gave it two fairly challenge achievement point rewards other than for completion!

The Library sucks you in because it's where you are truly tested as a Halo player. When playing on the harder levels and the Monitor goes off to put out a fire somewhere it's you versus the Flood. This section of the game sorts out the men from the boys

The Sniper Rifle

There is nothing like taking down an Elite with a single shot to the side of the head to begin the festivities. A sniper rifle can help you out when you're low on ammo and in a tight spot. You need to take out the big fellow from afar? The Sniper rifle is your friend there. Want to camp out on a Halo map to pick of your foes one by one? Sniper rifle is a killing machine.

Cortana - the thinking man's A.I.

Was there ever such an eloquent (or sarcastic) female character in a game before Halo was unleased on the world 10 years ago? Cortana has been the Chief's guide and moral compass in 3 Halo games and looks set to be his cheer leader in the Reclaimer Trilogy (possible rampancy issues aside). Halo sucks you in because they employ her feminine wiles and charms to good effect.... i.e. they gave her big boobs.


Come for the campaign, stay for the multiplayer they say and I think that's pretty much the best way that Halo sucks... you in. With well design maps and great game types, Bungie and their friends were true pioneers of the Xbox live multiplayer universe and ensuring the continued successes of the franchise. There's nothing like like getting a 10 kill streak as you dominate a field of players who've been matched to your 'true skill' level.....

Easter Eggs and cool shit like that

The first Combat Evolved had Easter Eggs and every Halo game since. It's become a key thing that the fans love in the games. Finding a reference to Jones the Cat or 4 Banshees hidden in the Package Reach level are the icing or frosting on the cake that make Halo so damn delicious.  Here's some more Reach Easter Eggs.

Melee to the back of the head

There's nothing like sneaking up on an Elite that's supposedly on watch and crushing the base of his skull with an armoured arm! Nor is there anything sweeter in a multiplayer match where you have no shields but manage to land that crucial melee to your foe.

Legendary Mode

Like Gears of War's Insane mode, this sorts out the ODST from the Spartans. Playing Halo on legendary mode is for me the epitomy of game design and game play. Everything in the Halo universe comes together. Whether it's tacking a hairy cackle of rebelling Brutes down some tight corridors or taking on a trio of suicidal grunts

It's got the Master Chief in it

Nuff said eh?

Friday, November 25

Wonder Girl Costume with cape

I think this is a pretty sweet cos play effort of a Wonder Girl Costume - love the boots! If you like this Amazonian Warrior Princess, check out our Wonder Woman costume page.

Harley Quinn is an MC Hammer fan?

Ms Quinn
The always mischievous Harley Quinn looks like she's sizing up her next victim with the giant hammer. I'm just wondering how this wonder cos player manages to get her ass into that outfit? Was she sewn in? Does this picture make you want to go play Batman Arcane Asylum?

Sexy Huntress Cosplay Costume

This Huntress will hunt you down with purple power?

Seven of Nine Star Trek Voyager Cosplay

seven of nin costume cosplay

Seven of Nine from Star Trek: Voyager Cosplay

Star Trek's Seven of Nine  Cosplay

Seven of Nine Cosplay from Star Trek 

Seven of Nine was a late addition to season 4 of Star Trek Voyager as a former Borg assimilation.  The character proved wildly popular with television fans and breathed new life into the Voyager show and making a star of actress Jerri Ryan. The character is making a return to the Idiot Box in the new Star Trek Piccard show. It's set 20 years after we last saw 7even in Voyager.

Seven of Nine Cosplay face

professional cosplay seven of nineSeven of Nine Cpurple outfit
Lives under the ocean Seven of Nine 
7 of 9 lyrca costume

imprisoned seven of 9 cosplayer

Hellboy Costume Play

Anung Un Rama
Here's a damn good cosplay version of Hellboy. You may have read him in the comics or seen him in the two films, either way I think you'd agree this an excellent version of Mike Mignola's fine creation. This Helloby could probably pass as a body double on set for any new film they make!

Incredible Hulk Cosplay with extra She-Hulk

Incredible Hulk Cosplay with extra She-Hulk

She Hulk loves her purple bkini
Hulk goes crazy !
If you wanna touch the pecs lady, Hulk says you gotta pay more! 

She Hulk says come hither!
She Hulk and Mr Hulk on a date. Are you green with envy?

A clean jerk from She Hulk

Sporty She Hulk

Rogue Cosplay from X-men

Every body loves Rogue from X-Men - she's like the girl next door X-Men all sexy but seemingly obtainable - either way she struck a chord with fans of the comics and films and she's great cos play fodder.

  Enjoy these cosplay pictures of Rogue in her comic version. 

If you loved these girls all dressed up as Rouge, you're gonna love Jean Grey

Final Fantasy Costume Play

Final Fantasy Cosplay

Sith Lord making out with a Jedi Knight

Here's one for the Star Nuts - a future wedding where the key players are dressed as a last Jedi and Sith! Enemies on paper, in reality these two star crossed lovers have joined forces and got engaged and to celebrate they dressed up as sexy Sith lord and brave Jedi Knight. Let's hope she wears the Princess Leia bikini on the wedding knight!

Hunter and ODST Cosplay

A friendly Hunter with some UNSC soldiers
The Halo Bulletin was all business this week - here's what interested me - four Halo fans doing some Halo cos play - Hunter, ODST and spartans. That hunter looks like its a few worms short and I suggest it has a feed of pies!

Monday, November 21

Where are the Halo Anniversary Terminals located?

This Spark is Guilty
Where are the Halo Anniversary Terminals located?

One of the new features of the Anniversary edition of Halo is the addition of Terminals that shed some information about the ring the Master Chief found himself on - and also some clues into what Halo 4 may hold!

Here's where you can find the Terminals within the campaign of Halo: CE Anniversary

Terminal #1 – Pillar of Autumn
  • Early in the stage, moving towards the bridge, you’ll talk to Keyes. When you have control again, look on the bridge for a red computer console, that’s your terminal.
Terminal #2 – Halo
  • Entering the underground tunnel, instead of jumping over the gap, search for a side tunnel that leads directly to the terminal.
Terminal #3 – Truth and Reconciliation
  • Reaching the bridge and defeating the Elite there, search the raised central platform.
Terminal #4 – Silent Cartographer
  • In the center of the island, you’ll face off against two Hunters. Find the terminal on the outerwall of the central structure in this area.
Terminal #5 – Assault on the Control Room
  • Near the end of the level, you’ll reach the pyramid-shaping Control Room structure. At the center of the pyramid is a large piece of the structure leading directly into a crevasse in the ground. Down in the crevasse, you’ll find secret ammo and a terminal.
Terminal #6 – 343 Guilty Spark
  • Reaching the elevator leading to the facility exit, turn around and look above the door. The terminal is above the elevator room door. To get up there, you’ll need to jump off the elevator as it moves up.
Terminal #7 – The Library
  • On the third floor of the Library, you’ll eventually reach a large circular room where the Index platform is just above you. Go right from the entrance, jump over the barrier, and you’ll enter another room where the terminal is just ahead, in plain view.
Terminal #8 – Two Betrayals
  • In the control room, in the beginning, look around the circular chamber and you’ll find the terminal across from the control console.
Terminal #9 – Keyes
  • After finding Keyes, absorbed by the Flood, defend yourself against the incoming enemies. In this room, search the two sunken crevices to your sides, you’ll find the terminal down in one of the two crevices.
Terminal #10 – The Maw
  • Play until you reach the Cryogenic Storage Bay, and search the walls for the console.

Where are the Halo: CE Anniversary skulls found?

A Skull fella from Reach
Where are the Halo: CE Anniversary skulls hidden?

Big spoilers follow if you want to find the Halo skulls yourself.

The original Halo game did not have skulls - the sequel Halo to first introduced them as a fun thing to do but it was Halo 3 that took find Skulls to a whole new level - once you found them located in some pretty crazy places (and completely obvious ones too! - think Halo level in that snowy cave) you could utilise them in campaign mode to make the game even more challenging. Reach and ODST dispensed with finding skull locations but threw in datapads and diaries to keep the interest up.

So it's not quite a throw back but Halo: CE Anniversary skulls has skulls to find and then use in game just like H3. So the big question then is Where are the Halo: CE Anniversary skulls hidden?

Here's the list of skull locations - good luck skull hunter!

  • Effect: After dying, restarts the entire level, or on co-op, restarts to the previous checkpoint.
  • Found during The Pillar of Autumn. Just as you’re given control, turn right and enter the back of the room. Search for two crates near one of the walls, you’ll find the skull behind these two crates.
  • Effect: All enemy health is doubled, while enemy sentinel bots have double shields.
  • Found during Halo, just as you step out of the wrecked pod, turn right and walk towards the waterfall. The skull is behind the waterfall, behind a rock near the cliff-face.
  • Effect: All explosions have their blast radius doubled.
  • Found during Halo, when the warthog is dropped off, jump in and drive it towards the first large tunnel leading underground. Instead of driving down into the tunnel, jump out and follow the cliff edge on the right. You’ll find the skull in the grass above the tunnel.
  • Effect: Cannot pick up alien weapons, but can drive alien vehicles.
  • On the alien ship during Truth & Reconciliation, wait until you reach the area where you face off against hunters for the third time. The skull is through the door they enter the hangar from.
  • The room is a large hangar bar where marines are dropped off to help you. Fight and kill every alien until music begins to chime. You need to wait on the far right-side of the room so that you can rush through the doors just as they open.
  • Effect: All weapons have only half their regular magazine size.
  • Find this skull on Silent Cartographer. Just as you land, turn around and walk away from the fighter and your checkpoint. Continue circling the island until you reach a ramp leading up to the top of a flat piece of land right in the middle. Run up the ramp to find a skull at the top.
  • Effect: Infinite ammo for all weapons.
  • Enter the security building during Silent Cartographer and down the path that leads to the security console. Leave the room through the doorway left of the console, and once outside, look left again.
  • You should be able to see an infinite drop, but also the outer part of the hallway you used to get into the console room. You’ll need to grenade jump to reach the top of the outer hallway.
  • If grenade jumping is too tricky here, try rocket jumping.
  • Effect: Disables all radar.
  • Found during Assault on the Control Room. The skull is on a raised platform. Find the room after crossing your first bridge and riding an elevator down to the ground floor. You’ll know which platform is the right one if there’s a tube shooting steam directly beneath.
  • This is a very tricky skull to reach. Find a small raised edge to throw the grenade onto before attempting to grenade jump so that you can jump high enough to reach the higher area.
  • Effect: Randomly disables one player’s HUD.
  • Found during Assault on the Control Room, when you enter the massive underground room through the tunnels, you’ll see pipes in the center sticking out of both sides of the gorge. The skull is on your side of the gorge from where you enter, and almost just ahead on one of these pipes, left of the broken bridge.
  • Effect: Every shot fired uses 2 rounds in a magazeine instead of just 1.
  • Found during 343 Guilty Spark, as you cross a fallen tree and see one of the alien turrets explode while enemies open fire from a structure ahead, you’ll know you’re in the right place. Don’t go inside just yet, instead run to the left wall and hug it until you reach a turret with a small drop behind it. Carefully jump down to find a skull at the bottom.
Black Eye
  • Effect: Shields only recharge when using melee attacks on an enemy.
  • On the first floor of The Library, before entering the large, yellow, circular Index Chamber, look for a yellow vent in the ceiling closest to the Index Chamber door. Grenade jump into the vent to find the skull.
Eye Patch
  • Effect: No auto-aim.
  • During The Library, before you take the Index, circle around and seach the far back of the room behind the Index. The skull is on the ground far behind the Index.
  • Effect: Melee attacks on enemies make them drop grenades.
  • Found during Two Betrayals, the skull is on a ledge directly above the underground tunnel exit. You’ll have to reach the end of the level, take a Banshee, and fly it all the way back to this point to get up there and find the skull.
Grunt Birthday Party
  • Effect: Headshots make grunts explode into confetti.
  • Found during The Maw, during your big escape in the warthog. When Cortana tells you to stop on a platform, and you see the Foehammer shot down, that’s where you want to look. The skull is on a railing to your right as you enter. Use the Warthog to back up against the railing, then jump ontop of the ‘hog to get high enough to grab the skull.
Found the skulls and want to move on to multiplayer? Check out these tips for Anniversary.

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Multiplayer tips for playing Halo: Anniversary

Here’s 10 Multiplayer tips for playing Halo: Anniversary online with your XBL buddies. Brings back fond memories of rockets on Battle Creek….

If you like this, check out Waypoint’s Campaign Tips for Anniversary

Multiplayer Tips


Though the multiplayer maps in Anniversary are essentially remakes of previous Halo game maps, you'll experience a few environmental tweaks to maximize Halo: Reach's frenetic combat style. Understanding these changes can mean the difference between victory and defeat.


A launch-day title update will integrate Anniversary's multiplayer with Halo: Reach's matchmaking system, potentially updating everything from weapon performance to armor abilities. Follow Halo Waypoint's community forumsfor additional details.


The confinement of Battle Canyon makes the Rocket Launcher the weapon of choice. When a match starts, rush to its spawn location atop the rocky column and use it for a few easy kills.

"Keep your eyes downrange,
fingers on your triggers,
and we all go home in one piece."


The Jet Pack armor ability is convenient for navigating Penance's many levels. But beware: vertical flight can set you up as an easy target.


Survivability on Solitary increases dramatically when you remain on the periphmeter of its close-quarters interior. While the walkways and ramps in the center might offer more maneuverability, you traverse them at great risk.


The classic multiplayer map Hang 'em High returns in Anniversary as High Noon. While far more detailed and ornate, the same rule applies: maintain the high ground, preferably with a ranged weapon and effective cover.


In the Firefight map Installation 04, use the Orbital Drop Shock Troopers (ODSTs) perched on the Forerunner spire to your advantage. Whether manning the gun on a Warthog or simply providing diversionary fire, their practical application should not be ignored.

While playing offense in a One-Flag or One-Bomb match on Breakneck, use all avenues of entry into the defensive base. When facing an assault from every angle, defenders have little chance of success.


Ridgeline's Sniper Rifles can dominate a match if wielded by a seasoned marksman. Secure the weapon early, settle in atop your team's base, and help pave a path to victory, one headshot at a time.


Anniversary features Halo's intense multiplayer game types, including Slayer (kill opponents for points), Assault (bomb the enemy's base), and Capture the Flag (steal your opponents' flag).

As found on Halo Waypoint

It's the Chief's birthday cake!

It's the Chief's birthday cake!

10 Halo Anniversary Campaign Tips

10 Halo Anniversary Campaign Tips

Here’s 10 sweet tips to help you out with your Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary run through – people who haven’t played the original campaign will be well advised to take heed of the tips – if I was to say which two tips were the best – use the plasma pistol to drop shields and then use the pistol to bring down your Covenant foe.


Reissued from 2001's Halo: Combat Evolved, the M6D Pistol is still one of the strongest weapons in the series' history. Effective from close to long range, this weapon marries lethal force and superior accuracy.


Like in the original Halo campaign, you can't board vehicles. So keep your distance and rely on mid- and long-range weapons to take out enemies from behind the controls.


Throughout Anniversary's campaign look for hidden terminals that reveal key insights into the last 100,000 years of this Halo ring's history.


Even the enormous Hunters have an Achilles' heel: standard-issue human ballistics. When a bullet penetrates their armor, it ricochets violently within the creature causing severe trauma, resulting in its death.


As in Halo 2 and subsequent Halo installments, gameplay-modifying Skulls are hidden throughout Anniversary's campaign. Collect them as you play each mission and discover new ways to experience the game's campaign.


Donning reinforced armor and brandishing Energy Swords, the Zealot-class of Covenant Elites are formidable combatants. Keep your distance when engaging them, as one swift cut of their blade will end your "great journey."


Donning reinforced armor and brandishing Energy Swords, the Zealot-class of Covenant Elites are formidable combatants. Keep your distance when engaging them, as one swift cut of their blade will end your "great journey."


Donning reinforced armor and brandishing Energy Swords, the Zealot-class of Covenant Elites are formidable combatants. Keep your distance when engaging them, as one swift cut of their blade will end your "great journey."

Like the Warthogs in  Halo: Combat Evolved, the Warthogs in Anniversary's campaign are indestructible. Use this to your advantage. But remember: fire directed at the Hog is typically absorbed by the player.


Touting an impressive rate of fire and the ability to drop an enemy's shields, this is one weapon you shouldn't underestimate.

These sweet campaign tips were found on Xbox Waypoint. 

Stuntmutt celebrates a 10 Year Anniversary

In Vino Vertish.... by Stuntmutt as found on HBO

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Dan Ayoub talks Halo Anniversary to the NZ Herald

Dan Ayoub, executive producer of Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, spoke to about what he called a joint effort between his team and Halo's global community of fans.
How did it feel to bring Halo: Combat Evolved back into the modern day?
It was fantastic. We say all the time this was really a labour of love. We describe it as a love letter to our fans because it's just something else to have a franchise that's still going strong 10 years later. It's just really hard to believe it's been that long. That's all because of the fans. The fans have supported it, and loved it, and enjoyed the franchise.
This is something that they've been asking us for, for a tremendously long time.

It's something that was kind of in the back of our heads, but I don't think anybody really got around to it.

And when you do, you think: "Our 10-year anniversary is coming up, this is a game that really started it all. It's inspired pretty much every shooter that's come since. It's just changed the rules on so many levels. Our fans are still with us now, and we've got new ones that may have never played this in its original version. We've just really got to do this remake."

It's something we are passionate about, it's something our fans are passionate about, and it just got to the point where we were like, "let's do this, let's jump in" and here we are. It feels great.
There are so many first-person shooters hitting the shops right now.
It's a pretty crowded holiday market right now. This is different on a few levels. This has always been a fan project, and giving them the big game they've been asking for. It's all been about reliving that nostalgia.
At this time, there are $100 million marketing campaigns going on for some of these other projects. We are very much about making this about nostalgia and pricing it accordingly. I think that's the other thing. I'm not sure how the conversion works, but US$39 is fantastic, and there's a lot of value and features in there.
(Note: The NZ RRP is $69.95)
What sets this apart is, this is really about just having fun, making it a thank-you for our fans and celebrating the 10-year anniversary at a price point that's really compelling, opposed to throwing $100m marketing campaigns in your face.
People are familiar with Combat Evolved, so I guess you don't need to sell it twice?
At the same time, we didn't want to do just another remake. They say it's the season of the big blockbuster right now, but it's also the season of the remake. A lot of big IPs, they're doing remakes and what we didn't want to do, was just do an HD version, because that was not going to be compelling enough.
What we wanted to do was turn this into a big celebration and do something special, and that's where all these features came from. Obviously we've done the version in high-def, but we also have a slew of fantastic features between classic mode and 3D, Kinect, co-op over [Xbox] Live, and the terminals, to name just a few.

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Visual Summary of the Halo Story - Index 4

Index 4 - The Way the World Ends

"For the legendary conclusion to our retrospective, we take a great journey through the formation of the galaxy and the endless clash of alien and man."

This is a great visual summary of the Halo universe - and neatly explains the key points of plot from the novels and short films and the like that tie into the plot of the five Halo games.

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Anniversary Map Pack details: How to load them

Anniversary Map Pack details: How to load them

Stolen from BS Angel at Waypoint

Now that the relevant playlists have been covered, we should probably touch on the multiplayer maps as well. The Anniversary Map Pack, which includes six multiplayer maps along with one Firefight map, will be available on November 15th for 1200 Microsoft Points. This means even Halo: Reach fans can take part in Anniversary!

Before we dip into each of the maps, I thought I would walk you through some of the different scenarios you may find yourself in on November 15th. Halo: Anniversary and the Anniversary Map Pack are two different pieces of content, so here are the various ways to access the maps.

• If you own Halo: Anniversary but not Halo: Reach, you will launch the Anniversary maps from the disc menu.

• If you own Halo: Anniversary and Halo: Reach, we recommend installing the maps using the Anniversary Map Pack code that comes with Anniversary. You will then be able to launch the Anniversary maps from both the Anniversary and Reach menus.

• If you purchase the Anniversary Map Pack, you will install the maps like any other piece of DLC. You will then be able to launch the Anniversary maps from the Reach menu.