Wednesday, September 28

Michael Barrick to feature in GOW3 DLC

Michael Barrick, a key character from the Gears of War graphic novels looks to be the star of some DLC for Gears of War 3.

Cliff B, GOW3's producer dropped into NEOGAF's forum with this in response to a question:

'No, it won't be the graphic novel, but it will have all new campaign content that doesn't have Marcus, Dom, Cole and Baird in it. Expect Barrick and more...'

That is to say the DLC features Barrick but is not going to be a retelling of any prior Gears storyline. 

Tuesday, September 27

Dead Space 3: Ice Ice Baby?

In Dead Space, every one can slice and dice.
Will Dead Space 3 be set on an ice plannet? The internet is awash with dirty rumour and speculation.

Siliconera claims Dead Space's plot has this element:

"Early in Dead Space 3, Isaac crash lands on the planet. He believes he may be the only survivor and makes his way to an abandoned waystation, which he uses for shelter from the snowstorm. There he finds a survivor who is severely injured. Isaac speaks to the near dead comrade who reveals there are other survivors that trekked off to another facility. One of them is Ellie, a key character from the original Dead Space game. Isaac grabs a snowsuit and heads into the blizzard."

As long as the game doesn't turn into a lame Lost Planet, that would be a cool scenario.... right?

The planet where Issac supposedly crash lands on is called Tau Volantis. Supposedly.

Tips for Gears of War 3 Multiplayer

Here's some sweet tips to help guide you through with your Gears of War 3 multiplayer experience. 

1. Choose your weapon wisely

The shot gun is your 'special little friend'. At close quarters it is your go to weapon. A shell to the face is a great way to bring your opposite down. The lancer sux for closer quarter combat - especially if your opposite has the shotty ready to hand. For bigger maps with a bit of room to play in go for a long range / short range combo such as the Longshot and Sawed Off Shot gun.

The retro lancer is less accurate than the lancer.

2. Danger hides behind that wall

There's a real chance as you go round that corner or duck in that alley or down the stairs, there's a dude that learnt his lesson not paying attention to GOW tip 1 and has his shotgun ready for your face. Approach corners with a wide berth, preferably not with the Longshot at the ready but you Gnasher.

3. There is truth to the phrase 'Brothers to the End'

This tip is key for enjoyable Gears game play - stick with your squad. If you get stranded, you will die - a great trick I learned from Halo multiplayer is to follow one of your squad and stick with them, looking for a double team. An experienced player should be viewed as a trusted guide. Follow them!

5. Know your escape route.

Every Halo player will know this game play tip - know your map's ins and outs. Where is everything? What connects that room? Where do the weapons spawn? Knowing the key elements of the map you are on will allow you to make quicker and better decisions. 

That's a few absolute basic beginner tips for player Gears of War 3 - do you have any others to offer?

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Monday, September 26

Cos Play from Around the Universe

Cos Play from Around the Universe

First up a pretty sweet Star Wars cosplay of 'Darth Stalker' from the Force Unleashed. Source

Here's a pretty sweet picture of a whole bunch of Bioshock cosplay fans from Dragon Con. Here's some more images from that day.

No one would begrudge Gears of Halo from giving some cos play love to Final Fantasy VIII's Siren would you? This Sexy Siren was played out by the beautiful Etaru Kaumoto.

I think this next Lady in Black is the Black Widow - careful - I think she's about to go all Avengers on your ass! Source.

black widow avengers cosplay

Next up is a random group of colourfull cosplayers from the Toronto Fan Expo. Looks like these characters had a pretty good day all round!

Here's a nice version of Noel Vermillion from Baz Blue. She was spied at the Tokyo Game Show

And finally here's some Gears of War cosplay from the Gears of War III launch party - it's Carmine (alive!?) and some one's daughter from the game who's name I cannot remember....

Sunday, September 25

What's the secret achievement in Gears of War III?

On Act 4 Chapter 1, complete the Act 4, Level 1 without disturbing any of the Ash People - i.e. those killed by the Hammer of Dawn strikes. This will give you the secret Respect for the Dead achievement.

How to unlock the cluck shot Easter Egg from GOW3

How to unclock the cluck shot Easter Egg from GOW3. This is pretty damn random!

Just some cool people hanging out

Borrowed from Misriah.

Saturday, September 17

Mark Goldsworthy Reach Concept Art

HBO tipped us off to this high quality Halo Reach concept art. It's scarily awesome how the planet picture was clearly used as a design basis for the game's opening shots. It's all been done by Mark Goldsworthy.

Planet Reach

A hog on it's way to an outpost
Pillar of Autumn taking off
Sabre on the prowl

Check out this awesome Halo art

Thursday, September 15

ME3's got a looootttt of dialogue

Word on the street is that Mass Effect 3 is going to have over 40,000 dialogue lines, that's twice what the last game had! So maybe it's gonna be a really long game or the actions your Sheppard make will have a truly different consequences which require a lot more dialogue to get your character to the end point.

Which also means there'll be plenty of time for corny lines like:

Kaiden Alenko: I think we're gonna need a bigger boot, Commander.

Gears of War 3 Reviews are in

Seeing as I got the damn red ring of death this week so cannot join in the celebration of Gears of War 3, Here's a slice of Adam Biessener from Game Informer's review of Gears of War 3. No surprises, its a fairly fair and balanced review!

The credits at the end of Gears of War 3 go on for 14 hours or so. It’s easy to see why: Gears 3 is a fantastic idea polished to near perfection by an enormous crew of talented developers and a bottomless budget. If you’re not a believer yet this probably won’t convert you, but I can’t think of anything I wanted in this installment that Epic doesn’t deliver on.

The nuts and bolts of the Gears machine are the same innards the franchise has always been built on. The tactical, cover-focused combat demands equal parts strategy and execution and rewards excellence in each. The intensely violent audiovisual presentation puts weight behind every action in the game, selling a real sense of physical space and contact. Gears of War is every bit the triple-A shooter Call of Duty or Halo is, but its slower-paced combat provides a unique and fascinating take on the genre.

I would have been happy with 10 more hours of Gears campaign. Epic hit the 10 hours on the nose, but made it better in every way. Including female Gears helps keep the dudebro locker-room machismo to a reasonable level. The few touchy-feely scenes are handled competently. Levels are the same linear series of combat arenas and atmospheric mood pieces, but both aspects are top-notch and the pacing is markedly better than in the earlier games. I can count on my hands the number of times the squad AI annoyed me by jumping into my line of fire or letting a hostile waltz past them to flank me. The encounters provide a constantly shuffling deck of threats that encourage players to experiment with new weapons and tactics. The presentation, of course, is outstanding. Four-player co-op makes it all the sweeter.

The finale puts a satisfying, unequivocal endcap on the storyline, such as it is. Gears has never had terribly compelling fiction and the entire arc of this final chapter is beyond predictable, but at least it’s a coherent story that doesn’t need a wiki and a three-month ARG to decipher. I’ll never hate on anyone declaring their indifference to Gears’ plot, but that’s not the reason to play through the campaign. The hilariously over-the-top set piece moments, especially the Silverback sequences where you control a mech suit with unlimited chaingun/rocket ammo, and outstanding combat are all the reason I need to conquer the campaign.

I would have been entirely satisfied with new maps to shake up the outstanding multiplayer from Gears 2. Epic easily takes care of that with classic modes like Team Deathmatch and Gears favorites like Wingman on brilliant, varied maps. An amazing new mode reminiscent of playing the Infected in Left 4 Dead joins Horde mode on the co-op front. Overwhelming the human defenses as the Locust Horde is a wonderful Gears take on being the bad guys. I love the Counter-Strike style economy of earning cash for breaking fortifications and killing humans, then spending that cash to respawn as anything from a Ticker to a Boomer. This new Beast mode is as compelling to me as Horde mode, Call of Duty’s Spec Ops or Zombies, or any other innovative co-op mode from the last decade.

Wednesday, September 14

Headlong formerly announced as Breakneck

BS Angel writes of the new Halo Anniversary Multiplayer Map

Breakneck—which is Anniversary’s adaption of Headlong—is located in Section 21 with a view of downtown New Mombasa and the collapsed space tether. The city has been flooded from the recent slipspace rupture, and construction was abruptly halted during the Covenant attack. Despite the fact that numerous buildings have been partially destroyed—with some even housing flaming ship segments—one monument remains standing, tall and defiant. I guess you could even say to the end.


Master Chief on the Pillar of Autumn Anniversary Redux Style

Here's a sweet HD picture of your favourite big green fella, John 117 running through the Pillar of Autum.

More pictures available on Waypoint, including some of Breakneck, the Headlong remake.

Saturday, September 10

Sweet Fan Made Live Action Gears of War 3 movie

Sweet Fan Made Live Action Gears of War 3 movie

Does Adam Fenix die in Gears 3?

Here's an interesting snippet from an interview with Gears of War 3's Clif Blezsinski which talks of the game's ending - is Cliff telegraphing that Adam Fenix dies at the end of Gears? This is of course my own speculation...

"CB: Absolutely. Personally, when the project really started, I was 29 and 30 and going through a split, as far as my first marriage. If you're ever going through a rough time in your life and you're a creative person, the best thing you can do is pour that into your work. You hear about artists who are going through a tough time and it's cathartic; it's therapy for them. And some of the things that came out of Gears 1 were the result of that. Coming full circle to the end of Gears 3, let's just say the ending is very personal for me. I don't want to spoil a lot of it, but in regards to what happens--and the final shot--it's not only personal to me, but also Rod Fergusson and Lee Perry, who also lost their dads at a young age. My advice to developers often is make your products personal. Take things from real life, names of friends, locations you've gone to, and do that. That's what makes it not feel like a manufactured product; it makes it feel real and tangible."

Or maybe Marcus and Adam hug it out and walk off into the sunset......

Update: As suspected, Adam Fenix dies in a most noble fashion.

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Dragon Con Cosplay

Ah, I thought Order 66 had been carried out?

Adrianne Curry Top Five Cos Play moments

adriene curry cosplay

Adrianne Curry's best cosplay pictures from Comic Conventions

Even the first America's Next Top Model, Adrianne Curry knows how to treat the travesty of cinema that was Jar Jar Binks. And Adrianne sure does it in style - check out those Princes Leia legs! Oh those Princess Leia Legs.

It turns out that Adrianne Curry is the proably the hotes cosplayer in the history of hot cosplayers. Check out this Top Ten Cosplay Pictures of America's Next Top Model.

Ms Clock Work
Adrianna as the Silk Spectre from Watchmen.
Wonderwoman on her knees
Pricess Leia with creepy old Stan Lee

America Top Model as Lee Loo
Leeloo from The Fifth Element

adrianne curry as wonder woman cosplay
Wonderful Adrianne

Friday, September 9


What could this be I spied on Halo Waypoint?


Wednesday, September 7

Final proof David Hasselhoff is actually Captain Planet!!

Captain Planet, he's our hero!
Is it me or do you think this cosplay picture of Captain Planet looks scarily like The Knight Rider himself David Hasselhoff? You don't? Where's your HEART!!!!

Saturday, September 3

An Ancient Friend or Foe?

Remember that Halo 4 Concept Art that had the clipped ending? Someone wiser than me from Neogaf thought to piece out the images, collectively they appear to make up up some kind of alien for. Is this an Ancient Friend or Foe?