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Here's the article on my love for Halo that I submitted to Age of Gratitude. If you have a cool Halo story to share, why don't you write it and send it to them?

You know how you occasionally realise that you just witnessed some form of art that was something wicked awesome? For me one of the first such moments I remember having was seeing Darth Vader chop of Luke’s hand and then tell him he was his Father. The joke’s on you kid. And that’s just like the joke that got me hooked on Halo Combat Evolved. The Halo is a bomb that will kill you and every other living thing in the universe if you fire it? And I nearly turned it on?

Master Chief, you had me at hello.

It was about 7 years ago when my flatmate turned up with a game called Halo: Combat Evolved. I hadn’t played a PC game in years, probably not since the glorious Duke Nukem on the PC which I must have played a thousand times. Popping my Xbox cherry on Halo, I played CE through in a week or so, literally dreaming of it, going to work and day dreaming about Hunters at the top of a hill….. and so it began – I can’t imagine how many thousands of Halo 2 online games I played, H3 was only slightly less in number as I played a lot of campaign … how many Halo Maps have I bought? All of them. How many blue stickies to the face have I received? Call me Papa Smurf.

Halo’s both campaign and multiplayer have their wondrous moments. I still fondly remember my first triple kill on Ascension. I threw a grenade and was rewarded. A massive fluke but massive fun. In H3, a double triple on Snowbound (I love that map and don’t understand the hate) was a true highlight – my l33t skills coming to the fore? Were it so easy. A 14 kill steak on Ghost Town camping with a sniper rifle? 5 minutes of perfection. Finishing The Library on Legendary? Man Points Awarded. Finding some hidden Skulls on Halo 2 without using ‘helpful tips from the internet’? Satisfying. Downing two Scarabs, fighting through a horde of Flood and seeing the Arbiter deliver some some swift and righteous sword justice? Priceless. Getting Cortana on board the Pillar of Autumn? Just doing my job, Sir.

Bungie has created a monster and I love them for it. My first Halo Man Crush was on Frankie from Bungie. I found HBO pretty quickly too. BS Angel. Ascendant Justice, and nowadays Urk. I heart them all. I do try and share the love too – Halo got me writing about the game, especially as I pined hopelessly for ODST to drop. I specifically started my gaming site Gears of Halo because of my desire to write about Halo and it’s wondrous universe.

Remember how in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles one of them would yell, “Gee I Love Being A Turtle”!? Well I love being a Halo fan in the same way. It’s not just the games and their epic game play. It’s the story. It’s the attention to the story’s detail and the continuity from one game to the next. It’s the humbleness that Bungie ooze. Sure, they let you know they rock every so often but I think that’s because they think the game’s fans rock and they just wanna hang with them!

Who really knows what the future Halo universe will look like? If the quality is there, I’m sure the fans and community will continue to engage – but at the very least, we’ll always have those boys from Bungie to thank for starting it all off and pointing the Amber Clad in the right direction. I heart you Bungie.

Jimmy Jangles

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