Wednesday, May 18

Mass Effect Genesis is available on XBL

Mass Effect 2: Genesis is now available for purchase on XBL. Which is kind of amusing as people who are likely gonna play ME2 have already bought the game as it's been out a fair while..... but hang on... if that player has not imported a ME1 save into ME2, you can download Genesis for 320 Microsoft Xbox Points and then watch the comic, make some choices which will alter the ME universe as we know it and then you can inport that into ME2 as a saved game. 

Ah... so my point stands... kinda. Maybe if you had an ME1 Sheppard and you were not happy with your choices, this is a chance to 'redeem' your Sheppard. Of course you still have to play through ME2 .... but there's probably going to be a Genesis equivalent for ME2 .... my question is will there be a hard cover version?

I'm sure when ME3 is released, gamers new to the series will flock to the original games to get familar with the series. I'd also pick the price of ME2 gets lowered big time like ME1 did so to attract new players.... hey it worked for me!

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