Mass Effect Cos Play Characters: Miranda, Jack and Samara

mass effect cosplay nude
A nude, body painted Commander Sheppard...

Costume Play. It's all the rage. Where's there's a sexy heroine or a strange creature or simply a Cortana or Supergirl to be dressed up as, you can count on the gaming community to claim characters from their favourite games. No Comic Convention or Halloween is safe from cos play these days, and frankly, Gears of Halo is not complaining and these cos play pictures of the girls from the Mass Effect universe will show you why not:
mass effect cosplay jack
Jack of all er... trades.

Let's start with Jack. AKA Agent Zero or rather known as the resident nutjob of Mass Effect 2. Despite wanting to kill anything and everything with her biotic abilities, Jack did have a softer, sexy side which I think this model has done a great job of showing. Don't you?

mass effect cosplay costume jack
Look at me, I'm vulnerable!

jack cosplay mass effect
Now, I'm not so vulnerable. I just ate a baby!

Let's get real though, you didn't come hear for dirty pictures of Jack though right? You came for Mass Effect's Miranda. So here she is, in all her glory. This cos play outfit has had a lot of effort put into it. Also most as as much as went into the real Miranda.....

mass effect cosplay miranda sexy
Come hither...
This next picture shows Miranda with a lil bit of nice costume design and also a bit of photoshop wizardry to get the look just right....
miranda costume mass effect cosplay
Miranda Keys cosplay: perfection?
miranda mass effect sexy

The real sexual demon of Mass Effect 2 was Samara. A heartless bitch or a loving mother, take your pick but either way her boobs have become semi famous on the internet. Maybe the Mass Effect producers will do fanboys the world over and let Samara hook up for the ultimate close encounter of the third kind in Mass Effect 3

Extra for Experts:

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