Thursday, March 31

Random Costume Play Pictures

Meet Rikku
So there's no real gaming news at the moment, Bungie is still quiet, Gears of War's beta starts in a few weeks (proper!) and the reviews of Mass Effects Arrival have seem to be filed from Dullsville so to brighten up you other wise sad lives (You can't say that Jimmy - Ed), here's some random cosplay costumes of hot babes and other assorted costumed goodness I found floating round the water cooler. Honestly, it's enough to make you go Gaga!

This spiper rifle weilding babe is a famous cosplay artist whose name eludes me. Can't be that famous then eh?

I like this guy's cos play approach. He's gone for an every day joe approach, featuring a pair of nice clean jeans and a nice clean gray cardigan. Dunno about that other chick, I think she boobed with this costume?

What do you think dear reader?

Has Thor finally met his match? Let's hope the move doesn't suck too much or this whole Avengers movie tie in thing is bombed. I'm picking we'll still get heaps of sexy cosplay based on this picture, so keep it coming Kenneth!
Wonder Woman and a friend from Hawke's Bay
I'm pretty sure Wonder Woman never had any problems making friends and today is no execption. Check out this hot picture of a Wonder Woman making friends with a hot lady showing off her cleavage! Is it too much to ask her name? At least Wonder Woman appears to be doing a better job than Adrianna Palicki!

Dawn of the Witch. Need we say more?

Cosplay Deviants apparently
Here's a hot babe dressed as the not so sexy Pickachu. Honestly, she's a cos play genius:

And let's face it, it would not be a cracking christmas cosplay photo essay with featuring a photo of some talent from the Soul Calibur series:

Want more? Check out Ivy.

Top 10 Random Halo Things by Anoj

Tuesday, March 22

This is Bellatron!

Bored of Halo? Tired of Gears of War? Check out the adventures of Bellatron as she takes on the world one slug of gin at a time! Infamous for her battles with the evil Decepticons such as Starscream, she'll take on any one, even an entire race of Kali Ma! When Bellatron is not leaving a sea of broken hearts in her wake, she's been known to give Superman a hand fighting the good fight, heck she's had plenty of Kills, Spills and Thrills!

Bellatron's most recent project has been to produce U2's new album, Cyber Love.

Sunday, March 20

C2E2 2011 Cos Play Pictures: The Babes

Is the chick in the white also Ivy Valentine?
The cos play costume run of hot babes continues here at Gears of War. Well until there's something to report on Halo or Gears at least! Here's some photos of hot costumes and cosplay from the C2E2 2011, which is a comic convention that hails from Chicago. I have no idea who most of these characters are, heck you could probably argue that most of them don't belong on a gaming website, so to make you happy there's a picture of Batman at the end and they made Arkham Asylum right?

That's a pretty evil joker smile!
I think she's mouthing she wants your babies. I could be wrong.
Don't take this one home to mom ok?
Why you trying to kill me?

I wonder what would happen if this woman and Indy hooked up?

Saturday, March 19

Ivy Valentine Cos Play from Soul Calibur

Ivy Valentine
"Debuted at DragonCon 2008. The Soul Calibur group ended up backing out on me, but I did it anyway." So says the voluptuous cosplayer, BelleChere on the Game Informer cos blog. Well bless you Bellechere because you make for one sexy Ivy Valentine!

Bellechere says about her cos play choice "I've always loved Ivy. She's curvy, she's confident, has a delicious British accent, and I'm a sucker for characters with silver hair."

If you are wondering how this cos player did in getting the sexy Ivy from game to an in real life version, check out this screenshot from Soul Calibur:

Want more sexy cos players? Check out the babes from Pax.

Friday, March 18

The Firm inspired ODST?

Just a quick observation - I watched The Firm last night, it's still a slick legal thriller. The music was all bluesy piano and at times I thought I was listening to some of the ODST soundtrack. Anyone else had this thought?

Mass Effect: Arrival release date announced

Bioware this week announced that the final mission for "Mass Effect 2," dubbed Arrival, will be available for download on March 29 2011. That's like a couple of weeks away!

"Mass Effect: Arrival" will include three new achievements for the Xbox 360 and the PC, as well as three new trophies for the PlayStation 3. It will be available for 560 Microsoft Points on the Xbox 360, 560 Bioware Points, or about $9 on the PlayStation.

In this sure to be a hugely popular DLC mission, Commander Shepard must travel to the edge of the galaxy to rescue an undercover operative who might have information about an upcoming Reaper invasion. Here's the official description:

"A deep cover agent is missing in Batarian space, after reporting evidence of an imminent Reaper invasion. Shepard must travel to the edge of the galaxy, rescue the agent, and discover the truth behind the Arrival. Uncover new research and 3 new achievements in this spectacular new adventure for Mass Effect 2."

"Mass Effect: Arrival" features the return of Admiral Hackett, voiced by veteran actor Lance Henriksen of "Alien" and "Terminator" fame.

Question: Does the inclusion of the General in the DLC mean he may have a role in ME3? It would seem a waste to have the voice talent of Lance Henriksen only to appear briefly again. Answer: Let's hope so!

"All year, we have been extremely honored and humbled by the reception we have received for 'Mass Effect 2' from players around the world, including our post release DLC", Casey Hudson, executive producer of the series, said in a statement. "'Mass Effect: Arrival' is an exciting extension to 'Mass Effect 2' and will show players just how close the Reapers are to returning and completing their deadly harvest."

What that comment means is that the DLC serves as a bridge between ME2 and ME3 and it's also a great way to reignite interest in the game for those that finished it a year ago and need reminding that ME3 is on its way.

Toys & Comics Fair 2011 Cosplay Photos

Following Pax 2011 comes the Indonesian Toys & Comics Fair 2011 proving that cosplay is an internal phenomenon. Check out these pictures of heroes and heroines proudly worn by fans from Jakarta. I thought it was nice to see the Master Chief make an appearance!

Pretty girls must always be present at a cosplay convention eh?

Want some Candy?
It must get pretty hot under that Predator mask!

Why so serious superman? Is Batman taking all the limelight these days?

Images found at Toysreveil.

Thursday, March 17

Reach Defiant Map Pack Achievement Video Guide

The Defiant Map packs are out and purchasing them gives you the chance to complete three new achievements to add to your gamerscore tally. Cruel Legacy has prepared a handy video guide to achieving them.

I find them a little dull myself. What do you think?

Wednesday, March 16

High Charity from Bungie?

So wise watchers have noticed that the greatest game developer in the history of the universe, Bungie have filed a trademark application for what is going to be called the 'Bungie Foundation'.

The page where the trademark is listed suggests the Bungie Foundation will be "Providing grants to charitable, arts, non-profit, and community organizations".

It appears Bungie quietly slipped the new logo into a Hockey arena too.... possibly a deliberate plant?

We heart you too Bungie.

Extra for Experts: Bungie Aerospace

Tuesday, March 15

The Defiant Map Pack FAQ from Bungie

If you purchased the Defiant Map Pack from Xbox LIVE Marketplace and you haven't experienced a single, solitary problem, congratulations - you can comfortably count yourself among the majority. You don't need to read another word.

If you find yourself in the other camp, don't worry. We've been in direct communication with Microsoft and 343 Industries and they're committed to making sure all your Defiant Map Pack needs are met.

Here are the current technical support topics pertaining to the Defiant Map Pack.

Q. What is this “Defiant Map Pack” you speak of, and how can I get it?

A. The Defiant Map Pack is the latest pack of maps for Halo: Reach. Designed by Certain Affinity, in partnership with 343 Industries, it features two multiplayer maps, Highlands and Condemned, and one Firefight mission, Unearthed. You can get the Defiant Map Pack right now in the Marketplace for 800 Microsoft Points.

Q: Okay, I gave you my hard earned monies in exchange for one brand spankin' new Defiant Map Pack, but after successfully downloading and installing it, none of the maps show up in the game menu. What gives?

A: Turns out that there's currently a technical issue tied to the number of Marketplace Content items you can have active for Halo: Reach at any one given time (this does not include Saved Games, Screenshots, or Saved Films). Right now, you can only have a total of three content items simultaneously active. Items that fit the bill include pre-order bonus or retailer exclusive armor, map packs, or your Bungie Pro confirmation.

Microsoft is working on a long-term solution, but for now, you'll need to delete one of the three items you have active. Here's how you do it:

In your Xbox 360 Dashboard, sign into your profile, and navigate to the System Settings tile in the My Xbox list. From the settings pane, select Memory.

Select Hard Drive as the storage device.

Select Games.

Select Halo: Reach.

Select the Bungie Pro Confirmation Marketplace Content item.

Delete it.

Deleting the Bungie Pro confirmation item will not impact your Bungie Pro Membership in any way.

Q. I can play the two multiplayer maps, but the Firefight map "Unearthed" gives me the error "Players failed to load content" when I select it in the lobby. This makes me sad. Bungie, you can make me happy again, right?

A. Yes! Well, maybe. You might have installed the Defiant Map Pack to a memory unit on a console that also has a hard drive. That won’t work. You need to install the Defiant Map Pack to the hard drive only.

Q. Hey! I can’t render Defiant Map Pack videos on yet. You hate me, don’t you?

A. Hate is such a strong word. Bungie Pro Video Rendering requires us to write custom code to our internal systems. Like you, we’ve only just received the latest version of the Defiant Map Pack. Our programmers are coding like the wind to ensure video rendering is up and running as quickly as possible. If you do submit a file for rendering, or already have, don’t worry, we’ll queue it up and spit it out in 24-48 hours.

Non-Defiant Map Pack video rendering is unaffected.

That's it for now. We'll keep in touch with Microsoft and keep a watchful eye on the community in the days ahead to make sure we keep tabs on any key issues you might experience.

Monday, March 14

Kinect Sells 10 Million but has no cool games WTF?

Tell me what you want, what you really really want?

Wanna spice up your life and Get Fit With Mel B?

So Kinect Sales Surpass Ten Million and they still don't have any decent games? Is this a case of marketing and ideas over substance? I've used my Kinnect like 4 times. Get Fit With Mel B? Jump on a raft catching diamonds or some shit?


Are there any good or dare I ask great games for the Kinect out there? I mean new ones since the initial release? Oh wait, there's not. It's enough to make me wonder if doing Halo: Kinnect is actually a good idea......or Gears of War: Exile

Saturday, March 12

Penny Arcade Expo 2011: Pax Cosplayers

Don't mess with these three ladies!
What a great weekend this has been for cosplayers attending the Penny Arcade Expo, or Pax as the l33t like to call it. Here's another round of awesome costumes designed by the fans, taken from their favourite games and films:


Guitar heroes
Dragon cosplayers
Crisom Bonnie and and Clyde

Starwars bounty hunter?
So even if the game announcements at Pax didn't blow anyone away (bring on Bungie at E3?) it's great to see so many fans running with the day and dressing up as their favourite game icons. Want more? Check out these sexy cos play babes and this sexy batgirl.