GOW3 Beta to begin mid April

Did you see that Marcus? His head just went fubar!
It's a good news week for Gears of War 3 fans, first the release date being announced and now news that the GOW3 beta test will start in mid April.

Major Nelson reports:

"Gears of War 3- Kicking off in mid-April, the Gears of War 3 public multiplayer beta will give players a chance to experience three new Versus Multiplayer modes on four new maps, and help shape the year’s biggest blockbuster, set to launch worldwide on Sept. 20 and in Japan on Sept. 22. You can even decide which maps you would like to see in the beta starting today by visiting the Gears of War Facebook page and voting on their favorites. Voting ends on Feb. 28."

Also, remember Gears of Halo has it's own facebook page! Join up today!

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