Gears of War: Exile - Kinecting with fans?

Gears of War: Exile - Kinecting with fans? 

The interwebs are begging to report that Epic has a new ace up their sleeve in the Battle for Sierra called Gear of War: Exile.

Just as Bungie recently got found out re their new IP, Epic Games has filed a trademark application for an IP called Gears of War: Exile and additionally has registered the logo pictured above.

Is this the game that Cliff Bleszinksi was going to announce at the Spike TV’s VGA Award Show some months back? (And does this all remind you of the whole Halo: Recon / Halo: ODST fiasco that Bunge and Microsoft unleashed?) 

Is this the oft discussed but never publically announced Gears of War game that will use the new Xbox Kinect system?

Given that Gears of War 3 is in the pipeline for a Fall release, it’s unlikely that Gears of War: Exile will get a 2011 release – particularly so confirmed for 2011 is Gears of War 3, which will include Gears 1 and 2 and the “Road to Ruin” campaign that was cut from the Xbox version of Gears 2, and a selection of 38 multiplayer maps (19 which you can download right now from Xbox Live).

So what do you think? What is Gears of War: Exile going to be about? Is it going to be Gears of War 4 or some other spin off like Halo: ODST was? After all, as Epic have shown with all the novels and comics, there are a lot of Gears stories to be told….

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