Remember Halo 3


So with less than two weeks left till the release of Halo: Reach and to avoid all the crazy spoilers that can now be found cluttering up and generally making a mess of the internet, I've done a run through of Halo 3 on legendary mode.

It's been some time since I did a full run, I did a Combat Evolved sprint earlier in the year, did some Halo 2, mucked around with a few levels from Halo 3: ODST and generally dropped in and out of multiplayer. Which is all good fun and it's all better than any Gears of War shennigans as good as those games are, but playing Halo 3 is almost a spiritual experience. It's the closer to a story that has spanned the eons and we are but lucky to participate in what amounts to the last minute of it all.

But what a minute Halo 3 is. Some games get called epic because they are long, Halo 3 is epic because it redefines that very word. It surpassed the ordinary. In fact, it redefined the Xbox gaming world and others attempted to match it. It was almost like a call of duty was placed on every game developer; this is the new standard so beat it.

The campaign was varied in scope and range. At times it was reflective and gave a gracious nod to whence it had came and then leapt further than was probably thought possible when CE was released.

Worlds apart were brought together. The Flood was defeated and the Prophet of Truth finally had a sharp blade put through his weak body. We believed in the Chief and came to accept that the Arbiter was an ok guy after all.

We had a love story between an augmented giant and a piece of binary code. We had the bravery of Sergeant Johnson and the balls of Miranda Keyes. Justice was Swift. At times it was Brutish.

Something wrong with your eye bro?
So if others past the standards of gaming as set by Halo 3, Bungie have again stepped up to the plate and said, we knew we were good, and mate you've had a nice crack at being number one but we are the king makers in this realm, and if you wanna take us on, you're gonna have to Reach for the stars...

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